Reusable cleaning spray bottles - the new trend

 Reusable cleaning spray bottles

In this article, we tell you about the eco cleaning revolution sweeping across the nation by using reusable cleaning spray bottles.


We’ve spotted in recent weeks people online seem to have a need to keep everything in the home as organised as possible, even cleaning cupboards. It probably explains the sudden trend for uniform reusable cleaning spray bottles, but what if we told you that not all of the ones you can find online are suitable for refilling stations? Check out the different types you can find online and which ones you should invest money into.


Thin plastic bottles


If you’re looking for reusable bottles, thin plastic bottles may be the cheapest on offer. That being said, they may not be the safest. When you purchase a bottle of cleaning products, or for that matter any product, the plastic is suited to the liquid inside. Whether it’s a juice carton or a bottle of bleach.


By purchasing your own plastic bottles, you run the risk of liquids not matching their packaging. Not always, but this can result in leaks and other issues, some more severe than others. Our recommendation, stay away from cheap plastic bottles, the last thing you want is cleaning solutions leaking all over the cupboards because the bottom has melted away.



Glass bottles


When it comes to reusable cleaning spray bottles, glass is our personal favourite. They’re incredibly durable, versatile, and you can grab some vinyl stickers and label them however you want.


They may be a little pricey to begin with, but glass will last you a lifetime so you’ll never need to replace them. Plus, it also allows you to considerably reduce your waste by using refill stores for all the products you plan to keep in them. While you can buy refill bottles, from many places, you want high-quality ones, which means looking at places that also sell other zero waste products as opposed to mass produced online retailers.

Our glass bottles for our Counter Clean refillable cleaning spray, the star of our natural cleaning products, give you the perfect option for recycled glass bottles with a trigger spray nozzle.


HDPE bottles


You may discover some thicker plastic bottles out there that you can use. This type of plastic is typically HDPE. They're great because they're brightly coloured (easily coloured coded for knowing what liquid is inside) and you can find them much cheaper than glass. These are a great option for a long term refill solution, but not as durable as glass.


The selling point for choosing HDPE bottles is that they tend to be that little bit cheaper. So, if you're just entering your greener journey but using refill bottles, these are a great option that will tie you over until you find your rhythm, and more money to invest into your eco-friendly cleaning items.


Reusing the same bottles you previously purchased


Now, when it comes to reusing a previously bought bottle, you might think you’ve saved yourself some money and the planet all in one big swoop. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. Remember how we mentioned putting the right liquids in the right bottle otherwise, you may end up with a chemical mess.


Well, that’s only the start when it comes to reusing previously purchased bottles. If you run out of a certain cleaner, don’t just refill it with a similar one and go. You’ll want to make sure that you thoroughly clean it out as a minimum. The last thing you need is a chemical reaction of two different cleaning products.


If you want to reuse your old cleaning bottles, deep clean them and then fill them with something relatively powerless like diluted lemon juice for glass cleaning.


How to refill your bottle


You might be wondering what you’re going to fill your reusable bottles with. There are plenty of options out there and some you’ll already have lying around in your home. Things like white vinegar, lemon juice, even lavender oils.


But there are other options out there that can suit whatever your situation is. Zero waste shops are great at keeping things local and good value for money.


Alternatively, you can look online, at Purdy and Figg - we have some great refill options. There are also subscription based eco-solutions which while beneficial, can be pricey - not to mention with a monthly subscription you may end up with more than you need.


The key is to always search for pouches or refills as opposed to bottles, otherwise, you completely remove the need for any refillable bottles and end up doubling your waste. Not exactly the eco-friendly cleaning you’d planned on doing!



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