Nature in its most powerful form

Simple & Effective

One powerful product, proven to leave all surfaces sparkling.


Using nature to deliver non-toxic cleaning safe for you and your family.

Beautifully Scented

Quality pure essential oils that leave your home smelling fresh.

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Counter Clean

One powerful cleaner for your entire home

4.9   9,500+ Reviews

Counter Clean

One powerful cleaner for your entire home

4.9   9,500+ Reviews
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We're building the perfect formula for you and your home


years of research and development


plant-derived ingredients tested


natural essential oils trialled


single small-batch manufacturing plant


years of research and development


Two mums on a mission to transform cleaning


Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg teamed up with resident chemist, Dr Anna, to develop a range of natural, beautifully-scented, and refillable cleaning products that could stand the test of time in an industry full of toxic ingredients. From their garage to 300,000 homes across the UK, the rest is history!

Manufactured in the UK   gb

We manufacture Purdy & Figg Eco-Concentrates in England, where we are subject to stringent health regulations.

Every Purdy & Figg Eco-Concentrate is manufactured in a state of the art laboratory in England. Rest easy knowing we don't cut corners. Your safety is important to us.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Counter Clean?

To use Counter Clean, simply pour the whole 20ml bottle of eco-concentrate into your Bottle for Life and slowly fill to the top (just below the neck) with tap water. Give the bottle a gentle shake to mix, then enjoy your uplifting clean!

Which surfaces is Counter Clean suitable for?

We're pleased to say that Counter Clean is pH neutral, which means it’s safe to use on most surfaces.That includes softer materials like aluminium, wood, stone, quartz and other sealed surfaces. We do recommend patch testing first on any particularly sensitive or precious surfaces you’re concerned about. Just spray onto a cloth and wipe a small patch to see the results. 

How do I manage my subscription?

We offer lots of subscription options, including switching your scent refill pack, changing the frequency of your deliveries or cancelling your membership altogether. Subscriptions are set to a 90-day frequency by default, but you can always move your next billing date if you need to in a few easy steps. We understand there might be times when you need to stop your deliveries, and we’ll always respect your decision to leave - even if we’ll miss you. 

If you have any trouble managing your subscription, our Customer Experience Team is always on hand to respond to your questions and requests as soon as possible. They’re very friendly.

What’s the difference between Signature and Seasonal Scents?

We offer two different scent collections with your Counter Clean subscription - Signature and Seasonal Scents. Our Signature Scent pack is available all year round, and contains our three best-selling scents - Uplifting Citrus, Balancing Floral, and Grounding Vetiver. Our Seasonal Scent pack contains three limited edition new scents blended for every season. 

How many uses will I get out of a bottle?

A 300ml bottle of Counter Clean (including one 20ml concentrate) contains about 230 sprays. A typical household will get through one of our 300ml bottles in two to four weeks, unless you get a bit addicted to wiping down your surfaces like we have!