Hand Wash That Takes Care Of Your Hands

Purdy & Figg's range of refillable and natural scented hand soaps. Made with simple, natural ingredients that are designed to be gentle on your hands and effective at washing away bacteria and viruses. Scented with a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils leaving your hands smelling and feeling like a spa.

Hand Wash Refill

Refillable Hand Wash
Refillable Hand Wash

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Charlotte's Floral Hand Wash Refill
Wild Woody Hand Wash Refill
Hand Wash Set - 3x 250ml
Hand Wash Set - 3x 250ml

Brilliant service and the hand wash is just gorgeous. Gentle to hands and lovely smell.

Anne Adams, September 2021

Hand sanitiser been exceptional and restocked along with hand wash - both products seem to last for ever. Beautiful citrus scent and very kind to hands.

Mrs A Clayton, September 2021

Great hand wash, luxurious feel & hands feel soft after use. Love the idea of refilling. Highly recommended.

Helen Bellamy, July 2021

Purdy & Figg offer a range of quality cleaning products, including our hand wash sets made of ingredients with EcoCert approval, diverted from animal testing. Ingredients such as Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, leaves your skin rejuvenated and protected. The combination of these ingredients results in a luxury range of smells across our products, such as, citrus, Charlotte’s floral and Wild Woody scent. These smells will leave your friends and family dying to know how your hands smell so good and skin feeling fantastic. 

Our luxury handwash is amazing for sensitive skin and leaves your hands feeling soft. We value the quality of our natural products and therefore, we ensure that all are made with 100% essential oils only, creating an eco-friendly product that leaves your hands smelling amazing and thoroughly moisturised. 

We pride ourselves in our sustainability with our easy to refill bottles to reduce waste. Sustainability is our responsibility, alongside seeing our customers enjoy our luxury products made with natural ingredients that leave your hands fully nourished. Our efficacious products are perfect for a long-lasting and amazing smell.