How to refill your hand wash dispenser


If you’re keen to reduce your waste and help protect the environment a quick way to do so is to take a look at the soaps in and around your home. Liquid soap dispensers that you buy from the supermarket can be troublesome, while the bottle is widely recycled the pump and lids are not. Meaning they often end up in incineration facilities or landfills.

Refills are the way of the future. Soap dispensers are everywhere in regular stores, but the contents of the refills - that’s what most people struggle to find. This is why we’re going to talk about the different varieties and where you might find them.

Industrial soap containers

These are great options for people looking to save some money and who have plenty of storage. But that is the issue, storage. Large industrial soap bottles tend to come in 5 litre volumes and you’ll be amazed how long it takes to get through that. So if you’re opting for this type of soap, remember the storage side is a commitment! That being said it’s the most cost-effective way of buying soap, even if the scent options are relatively poor and clinically smelling.

Concentrate hand wash refills

If you’re short on space then concentrate refills are definitely the best option for you. Liquid soap is great because it’s far easier to use, however, realistically it’s just a watered-down version of concentrated soap. Buying concentrated refills might seem expensive at first, but often it works out the same as buying liquid soap. It’s just because the packaging is much smaller. Another thing to bear in mind with buying concentrated refills is that they’ll often come in a bundle. Sometimes the bundles will just be hand soap, but you can also grab surface cleaners and hand sanitisers in concentrate refill bundles.

Zero waste refills

Possibly one of the best ways to refill your soap is to use zero waste products. Some companies will even offer a looped service where they deliver the refill of your hand soap in a bottle, then once used, you can send it back to them to be sold again. Others will provide their refills in recyclable or reusable packing such as glass bottles. Where packaging is of higher quality you may find yourself paying a premium, but if your aim is to help reduce waste and save the planet - is any price too much?

No matter what type of eco-friendly soap you’re looking to use in your home, whether you’re on a budget, low on space or just trying to use as little packaging as possible - there’s an option out there.

The skill of refilling your soap dispenser

If you choose to use an industrial size bottle of hand soap, one thing you’re going to need is a funnel. Lifting and pouring the large 5 litre bottle can become quite messy without one. Pop the funnel into your soap dispenser and slowly fill it. Too fast and it may overflow everywhere. It’s better to go slow and steady on these types of refills.

If concentrated refills are more what you’re looking for then there isn’t too much skill required in the refill process. Only that you read any instructions and don’t water down your concentrated solution too much. If you add too much water, the soap won’t be strong enough to remove the necessary bacteria.

The best news comes to those who order zero waste refills. Although you will need a funnel still, it won’t be as tricky as lifting a 5-litre tub to pour the soap. It also won’t include careful measuring. Simply pouring from one slightly larger bottle into another. Then you can recycle, reuse or send back the container it arrived in. The simplest way to refill your hand dispenser yet!



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