Homemade Sanitiser


Our business story started with the best homemade sanitiser

Purdy and Figg are coming up to their one year anniversary, and it has been amazing to look back and see how far we have come within a year.

Purdy and Figg started off in a small garage, where Purdy and Charlotte would put on workshops, teaching their friends and family how to make natural products for the home. Both believed in the importance of creating products without the use of harsh chemicals and wanted to make people aware that sustainable and natural ingredients did just as good of a job.

When they were approached to create a sanitiser, they invested a great deal of time into researching and developing the perfect product, looking at alcohol content, antiviral and antibacterial essential oils and natural ingredients that were suitable for the skin. The final product was then created, made in bulk and bottled all still in Purdy’s small garage during the midst of the pandemic. Since then, a lot has changed.

Over a year later, Purdy and Figg has successfully created three different scented sanitisers available in all different sized bottles, a subscription and refill service and finally our brand new product, our Hygienic Hand Balm.

Our scented hand sanitisers are all handmade by Purdy and Charlotte, who have handpicked each essential oil to create our wonderful and uplifting scents. Unlike mass-produced sanitisers with a number of toxic ingredients, our aim was to create a handcrafted product where each ingredient was picked with the aim of creating a one of a kind homemade product.

More recently, we have just launched our incredible Hygienic Hand Balm, adding even more luxury to staying safe. Charlotte and Purdy have been working on our new Balm for a long time, making sure we create the perfect product that not only moisturises and nourishes the skin but keeps it protected from viruses and bacteria too.

What started as a hobby, making homemade products for the home for two women, became a rapidly growing business with an incredible team supporting Purdy and Charlotte’s talents and aspirations to create natural and sustainable products.

We hope that Purdy and Figg holds a bright future, especially as we have plenty of new natural products for the home constantly being created and developed. We have some huge goals we want to achieve in 2021 and cannot wait to share them with our customers!

Thank you to all our friends and family, along with our devoted customers for all the support they have given to Purdy and Figg.


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