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Cleaning Revolution

Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

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Starting your Spring Cleaning early? Here are some Top Tips that Purdy & Charlotte swear by for a stress-free Spring Clean!


1. Windows First! 

It can often seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s often the thing we start to notice first as days get lighter and the sun starts showing up all the dirt and smears that have been building up over the darker months. We like to dilute our Counter Clean even further when doing the windows as it’s such a large surface area - it still works just as well but doesn’t leave quite as much of a lovely aroma! 

Top tip: clean your windows on a grey day to avoid any unwanted streaks! 

2. Take it room-by-room

We like to declutter room-by-room at the beginning of spring. It sounds obvious, but taking a methodical approach to your spring clean will help you feel more in control. Start by removing any items that you no longer want or need; spring is a great time to declutter your space and trust us when we say it’s easier done room-by-room! 

Top tip: donate your unwanted things to charity or sell online - try not to leave things hanging around for too long! 


3. Top to Bottom 

A bit like when you’re decorating, you want to start with the highest points in the room (dusting cobwebs from the ceiling, cleaning around light fixtures and dusting above your curtain rail) before you gradually work your way down to picture frames, window sills and tops of furniture. Your final job should always be mopping or hoovering to collect all the bits of dirt and dust that might have fallen down during your spring clean! 


4. Little & Often 

Whilst Spring Cleaning is often synonymous with a big blitz, we are actually in favour of a little and often approach when it comes to our spring cleaning! When using gentle, natural ingredients they’ll often require a little more elbow grease and work best when a problem hasn’t become too ingrained. Keeping on top of things like limescale and grease build-ups will certainly save you time in the long run!


5. One-product Wonder! 

We recently discovered something pretty groundbreaking: did you know that it’s not actually necessary to have hundreds of different products for different cleaning tasks and surfaces? With Counter Clean, we were determined to create a product that could be used all over the house to not only simplify our routine but also drastically reduce the amount of plastic bottles under our sink (and in our recycling bins!).


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