A Chemical-Free
Cleaning Revolution

Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

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Written by Camilla Pelly

Advocates of a little and often approach to cleaning with gentle, natural ingredients, Purdy and Charlotte share their top tips and tricks for a fresh and sparkling kitchen this spring, using only natural ingredients you can find in your store cupboard.

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To clean stainless steel or ceramic sinks: take half a lemon and sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda. Rub all around the sink, squeezing the lemon as you go. Depending on how dirty it is, you may want to leave it a little while for the fruit acid to break down the dirt, before rinsing off with warm water. 

For blocked, smelly drains, use 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup soda crystals, 1 cup coarse salt. Pour each of them down the drain and leave for 1hr before rinsing with boiling water. 


Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda liberally all over your oven then, using a little water, scrub all the walls thoroughly. Leave the bicarb to break down the grease grime & dirt for at least 10 minutes (or overnight for deeply ingrained dirt). Next, either use the juice of fresh lemons or a diluted citric acid formula to rinse away the bicarbonate. You can follow a similar process with the oven racks, or leave them to soak in hot soapy water. 

To clean the glass oven door, start by scraping off any food residue. Now remove all grease with hot water and dish soap or your Counter Clean. Wipe the glass door dry with a dry microfibre cloth, removing all cleaning product residue. 


We recommend making up a bicarb paste or solution with a small amount of water, then use wet cloth to wipe down the fridge interior. You can also use this on sinks and bins for a natural deodoriser and degreaser. 

To freshen up and deodorise the fridge, place a small bowl of bicarb with a few drops of lemon essential oil at the back of the fridge (replace roughly every month - as Purdy explains below). 

Counter Tops & Cupboard doors 

Aside from using our favourite Counter Clean, you could also make your own surface cleaner using a mix of one part white vinegar to two parts water, combined with a few drops of your favourite essential oil to add a lovely scent. 

Pots & Pans 

It’s always a good idea to give your pots and pans the occasional deep clean as it’s easy for oil and food to build up over time. To clean a really encrusted pan, sprinkle coarse salt on the pan, add 1 tbsp olive oil and gently scrub the pan in circular motions with ½ lemon until it comes clean. 


To deep clean the dishwasher: take the filter out and clean in hot soapy water. Next, fill two 250ml bowls with vinegar, place one on the bottom rack and the other on the top, then run on the longest, hottest programme. 

For a regular refresher, pop a (used) lemon half in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher - not only will it add a fresh citrus scent, it will leave your cutlery and glassware looking lovely and shiny. 


Microwaves can be a breeding ground for unpleasant smells and burnt-on food. Simply place 300ml of hot water in a bowl and add juice from one lemon followed by its skins. Microwave on full power 3-4 minutes, then leave the door closed for 30min to allow it to steam clean. Remove the bowl and wipe down with clean cloth. 

Purdy & Charlotte's Top Natural Cleaning Recipe

To create a nice smelling and totally safe-to-use scouring powder, dry out some citrus peels (we like to use lemon) at very low heat (60 degrees), then blitz in a food processor and add coarse salt and 2tbsp bicarb. Store in a jar with a lid. 

We look forward to hearing how you get on with these natural cleaning tips; feel free to share and tag us on Instagram @purdyandfigg.


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