Ban the Bleach with our Frankincense & Myrrh Counter Clean

Ban the Bleach with our Frankincense & Myrrh Counter Clean

This Christmas we are launching a campaign to encourage you to ban the bleach in your homes and opt for natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

Whilst there are of course some situations, such as healthcare, that require harsh cleaning chemicals, it is really not necessary for day-to-day cleaning. Here at Purdy & Figg our natural cleaning ethos is all around protecting your three homes; your body being your first home, the house you live in being the second home and finally the environment being your third home.

Protect your Health

Have you ever taken in a deep breath of bleach and felt a bit light-headed? Well, that’s due to bleach being a highly reactive chemical that can be harmful to your health, especially when mixed with other cleaners. Studies have shown that frequent use of bleach can worsen asthma, allergies, and certain infections such as the flu or even pneumonia.

Protect your Home

If you have ever accidentally bleached your clothes, you know the damage it can cause to the fabric. The same thing can happen to other surfaces around your home. Bleach can create white spots on surfaces potentially ruining whatever area you are trying to clean. It's also not safe to use it on granite, marble, stainless steel, or other porous surfaces because it eats away and degrades them over time. If you regularly use bleach to clean these types of surfaces, don’t be surprised when they begin to look unfinished and dull.

Protect the Environment

It is important to be aware of the impact bleach can have to the environment, for example when it is released into waterways or in the air, however perhaps more importantly we need to consider how these chemicals are manufactured, releasing harmful toxins into the environment. 

Switch to Natural Cleaning

So now let’s talk about how you can clean your home safely and naturally. We at Purdy & Figg developed Counter Clean, a natural cleaning product chosen for its gentler ingredients towards your health, home and environment. 

Made using 100% naturally-derived ingredients, Counter Clean works by binding to grease, grime and dirt along with bacteria, viruses and mould, actively removing them to thoroughly clean the surface. The majority of household disinfectant sprays are most effective when left to sit on a surface for 5-15 minutes whereas Counter Clean works instantly to separate microbes from the surface, working more efficiently than the harsh toxic chemicals. It’s a win-win combination!

As we encourage you to ban the bleach this Christmas, our limited edition Frankincense & Myrrh scent is perfect for those who want to keep their house looking and smelling its best this festive season.


Frankincense & Myrrh Counter Clean Starter Kits are available from 19th November, with three cleaning concentrates, a Bottle for Life, pouring funnel and a premium microfibre towel. In addition to the Limited Edition Frankincense & Myrrh scent, Counter Clean is currently available in Purdy & Figg’s three signature scents; Uplifting Citrus, Balancing Floral and Grounding Vetiver. 

Save 20% on your Counter Clean Starter Kit today using code XMAS20.


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Mrs. S. Crosbie February 10 2022

I have been using counter clean with frankincense and myrrh, and wanted refills but cannot seem to find this on your site. Could you help please. Sue

Susan December 23 2021

Hi when you wipe with the dry cloth do you rinse and dry the cloth as I’m confused as i thought dish cloths had lots of germs in them ? I couldn’t find a using video or instructions. Thanks .

Marianne McLachlan December 17 2021

You make what look like wonderful products, however: states that Essential oils have nit been proven to kill viruses. Can you make your research public as in these times of viral Pandemic, we need to be sure.
Thank you

Sharon Reynolds December 4 2021

Please can you tell me what works for toilet bowl cleaning below the water level. Thanks

Jules Hare November 25 2021

Hi there. Please can you confirm if your Counter Clean products are safe to use on my teak worktops and other wood surfaces?

Thank you


Purdy & Figg November 23 2021

Hi Kate,
Yes you can absolutely use Counter Clean to clean your bath tub – Counter Clean can be used on all surfaces and for all purposes! Let us know how you get on!
Purdy & Figg

Kate November 19 2021

Can you use counter clean to clean the bath tub?

Eleanor November 19 2021

Are products suitable for very sensitive skin could you recommend, which one is the lighter fragrance ,fancy the fig

Gill November 18 2021

Absolutely delighted ! Makes cleaning almost a pleasure So very easy to use and the smell is lovely
This is definitely the way forward !
Thankyou purify and figg