Using natural cleaning products


Why you should start using natural cleaning products?

If you’re someone who wants to be kinder to the planet, you’ve perhaps already tried to find products with fewer toxins and artificial ingredients. Cleaning products are incredibly guilty of containing a lot of harsh chemicals which at first might not seem like an issue as they’re just cleaning items in your home. But when you realise that those chemicals go down our drains, all of a sudden they have the potential to harm our environment.

Ultimately, you’re better off avoiding these harsh chemicals altogether. The trick is knowing what ingredients to replace them with. There are plenty of things you probably already have in your home that can help you clean and here’s how and where you can use them.

Using lemon to help clean

Always have a lemon in your home, it’s incredibly versatile when it comes to cleaning using natural products. The acidic nature of the lemon provides an antiseptic and antibacterial property. Plus it’s a natural bleaching agent, making it perfect for using on surfaces to help clean. While the acidity is good for cleaning, be sure to not use them raw and leave them on surfaces. It’s always best to dilute the juice so you protect whatever it is you’re cleaning. When you’ve squeezed everything out of the lemon, be sure to keep the rind, it’s great for getting a shine on surfaces. Not to mention the citrus smell of lemons - perfect for scenting your home.

Using baking soda to help clean

Baking soda isn’t just for baking with! When used in natural cleaning products it can be great for cutting through grime and grease. It’s quite the opposite of lemon though as it doesn’t have any acidic properties, making it great for cleaning more delicate surfaces. It also has the power to remove stains, so instead of spending out on harsh chemicals, if you make a spill, use some baking soda first. The best part? It naturally absorbs odours! You could leave a pot of baking soda in the corner of your bathroom and always have a neutral smelling room.

Using white vinegar to help clean

White vinegar is very similar to lemon, in that it has antimicrobial properties. It can help disinfect surfaces and remove bacteria. Often white vinegar is used alongside water in a 50/50 ratio, this means that the vinegar doesn’t overpower the scent in your home and it protects surfaces. When used it can clean things like countertops, bathtubs, toilets, floors and even dishes. What’s more, it can also be used in the garden to help kill weeds! Try it out on those stubborn weeds in your pathways.

Using castile soap to help clean

It’s possible that you haven’t heard of castile soap before, it is more popular in the US but it’s a great natural cleaning product. The natural soap has great cleaning properties as it cuts through the dirt and debris but it also kills bacteria. It is a gentle cleaning agent, so when you don’t want to use anything too acidic like lemon, castile soap is a great substitute. It’s made from 100% natural products and it’s completely organic.

Of course, while you can make your own all-natural cleaners at home, there are some brands that supply them already prepared. Hand balm sanitisers from Purdy & Figg are a great example of natural ingredients used in a way that make a difference without harming the environment. Alongside these, they also offer hand sanitisers that you can buy refills for - no extra plastic necessary.

Once you start using natural cleaning products, you’ll realise that they’re just as powerful as all those chemicals and toxins; but much kinder to the environment.