Plastic free cleaning


How you can go plastic free when cleaning your home

Are you trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle? It’s no secret that the planet is suffering and millions of us need to change our actions to make a difference. You might have tried a meat-free diet, cycling to work, or even just recycling more and sending less waste to landfill. But if you’re looking for a quick way to boost your sustainable lifestyle, removing as much plastic as you can is a good idea.

Plastic, while it has been utilised in many different ways can be incredibly problematic to the planet. It’s made from crude oil finite resources that have to be extracted from the ground. These resources are extracted from the planet, harming the seabed, but are also then transformed into plastic. A problematic material that takes over 500 years to decompose and along the way harms wildlife.

It’s no wonder that millions of people have vowed to a plastic-free lifestyle. While at first, it may seem overwhelming, taking it step by step in your home is a great way to slowly introduce a plastic-free lifestyle.

There are plenty of options for natural cleaning products for your home. These can be plant based eco friendly cleaning products which avoid toxic ingredients. Using eco or refillable cleaning products can help reduce plastic waste and plastic pollution.

Some popular items you can switch out for plastic-free cleaning


Shampoo and conditioner bottles

Plastic-free haircare is becoming incredibly popular. Hair bars can be purchased from many places online as well as retails stores. Often the bars last longer than their liquid counterparts that are stored in plastic bottles. While you may end up spending more money initially, you save due to the longevity of the bar. One shampoo bar can last you 90 washes - that’s 3 months if you wash your hair every day! Think of the money and plastic saving!

Soap bars

Just like shampoo and conditioner bars, soap bars are also a great way to reduce plastic. Soap bars have been around much longer than their shampoo and conditioner cousins. In fact, liquid soap is a relatively new occurrence. We’ve been using soap bars for decades. The marketing surrounding liquid soap is what made it trendy, sadly, it also meant the plastic containers for it were sent soaring into production too. Ditch the liquid soap and plastic dispensers and opt for refillable ones or soap bars.

Hand sanitisers

Sometimes swapping an item out for a new one can be challenging. There isn’t a bar form of hand sanitiser that you can pop in your purse and take with you on the go. Luckily, there is a hand sanitiser spray that does the job. With the world opening back up, it’s one item you don’t want to find yourself without. Purdy & Figg are a great example of a sustainable, refillable and plastic-free cleaning product that can help equip you for a plastic-free lifestyle.

Cleaning bottles

Under your kitchen sink, there could be anywhere between 5 and 20 different cleaners for different surfaces and floors, inside and outside your home. Not only can it be expensive to replace them all, but it can also be very plastic intensive. If you want to find some plastic-free cleaning solutions try creating your own products and store them in glass bottles (alternatively reuse the plastic ones you already have - the best purchase you can make to help the planet is not making one at all!). There are some tips on using natural products in your plastic-free cleaning at Purdy & Figg.

Once you remove these plastic items from your new eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s become second nature to keep it that way. Start small and slowly invest in new products that transform your habits. You’ll soon discover that removing plastic from your cleaning rituals was easier than anticipated, and it’ll benefit your purse strings too!