Nice smelling hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser which smells truly wonderful! 



We have created our beautiful natural hand sanitisers with one purpose in mind…to keep our customers protected, whilst leaving their hands smelling great!


All of our sanitisers contain beautifully safe and pure essential oils that provide a unique and incredible smell which we take a lot of pride in. We ensure we know exactly where they come from, how they are produced and that they are a sustainable product.



Original Citrus



The Original Citrus, our most popular scent contains a mixture of essential oils including pink grapefruit, sweet orange, and the aromatic niaouli flower.


Grapefruit essential oil is known for reducing stress, stimulating circulation, increasing energy and enhancing mood. Similarly, sweet orange is known for its antidepressant and antioxidant properties and the Niaouli flower is known for its multitude of cleansing and antiseptic properties.


This blend creates a beautiful scent characterised by its zesty and fresh notes suiting any season in the year.



Charlotte’s Floral


Our Charlotte’s Floral is made up of an aromatic blend of oils including rose geranium, lemon citrus and vetiver.


Rose geranium offers wonderful cleansing properties and is known for balancing the mind and body. Lemon oil offers an amazing amount of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to boost your mood and mental clarity. Finally, blended with vetiver which has uplifting and soothing properties, provides a mix that can be incredibly calming and grounding.


Charlotte’s floral is an incredibly soft and subtly sweet scent, often noted as feminine.



Wild Woody


Wild Woody is made up of a mixture of three essential oils: vetiver, coriander seed and juniper berry.


Coriander is known as an invigorating and stimulating oil with properties that aid digestion and assists with aches and pains. Juniper berry also promotes relaxation and holds powerful antioxidant and antiseptic properties.


Along with vetiver, the wild woody provides a beautiful calming scent.


Nice Smelling Hand Sanitiser


Sanitising our hands has become a regular chore that is part of our daily routine, so why not make it interesting? By including beautiful smelling essential oils into our sanitisers, we are hoping to take a mundane, boring chore and turn it into something special, with uplifting fragrances that brighten your mood.


With so many types of sanitisers on the market, we wanted to contribute by creating a more unique product compared to the toxic mass produced gels that are known for their harsh and unenjoyable smell, therefore it only seemed right to create a wonderful scented sanitiser.


With their extensive knowledge of essential oils, Purdy and Charlotte were able to create a safe sanitiser that left hands moisturised and smelling amazing, without the need for sticky and toxic ingredients.


The Purdy and Figg range has the perfect blend of natural ingredients and alcohol content.


Our hand sanitising sprays come in a number of fragrances. Just like when you’re hand washing, you might shop for nice smelling alternatives from stores such as Molton Brown or the Body Shop. We’re similar, offering you a nice smelling hand sanitiser which is a better choice than usual sanitiser gel.


Shop the Purdy and Figg range today, including hand cream and hand sanitiser sprays.