How to clean washing machine with soda crystals

How to clean washing machine with soda crystals

Soda crystals are one of the best ingredients for having a clean and nice smelling washing machine - not to mention one working at optimum efficiency. That’s right. Soda crystals are so diverse in their use you can use them for almost every washing machine-related issue you have. Don’t believe us? Pick your problem below and we’ll show you how soda crystals can help.

Preventing limescale build-up

We’re all well-versed with the fact that limescale build-up is often what puts your washing machine on the scrap heap. But the cause of limescale is in fact the water flowing from your taps. If you live in a hard water area you’ll find limescale building up faster than if you were in a soft water area.

It’s not exactly easy to change the softness of the water flowing into your machine, but soda crystals can help you once it’s in there. If you want to prolong the life of your washing machine, run an empty cycle that’s dedicated to cleaning it by only popping soda crystals in it. About 100g should do for a powerful clean. You can also use white vinegar and citric acid instead of fabric conditioner to help keep machines free from limescale without harming your clothes.



If your washing machine is starting to smell

This issue often occurs when you don’t regularly clean your washing machine. After all, it’s regularly cleaning all the dirt from your clothes. There’s only so many times you’d clean your dishes with the same sponge, so why would you continue to clean your clothes with the same washing machine before cleaning them?

If you can smell it, it’s a sign for a deep clean. Low-temperature washes, although good for the environment, can often cause bacteria and mould to build up. That’s more than likely what you can smell.

To clean the mould from your machine, check inside the detergent drawer and cavity, as well as the rubber seal on the door. These are hotspots for mould. Clean the two areas using hot soapy water and a touch of bleach or citric acid. If you do use bleach be sure to run a hot empty cycle before popping any clothes in.

Prevention is the best way to resolve this issue, and that involves soda crystals. Once a month, pop on a long hot empty cycle with nothing but 500g of soda crystals in the detergent drawer and drum. You can split this evenly over the two areas or if you often find mould built up in the drawer - put the majority in there.

If you’ve got any particularly smelly clothes or items that need washing such as dog blankets - a few soda crystals in the load are perfect for removing nasty odours.

Getting out stains

If you’ve put a light coloured item in your machine and thought it came out looking a little darker - especially your whites then soda crystals are perfect. While they’re not a bleaching agent they’re great for shifting stains from your clothes. A dirty washing machine can add dirt and stains to your clothes - just another reason to keep it clean!

Anyway, back to clothes. Soda crystals are great for cleaning them. You can pop them in with any wash alongside your regular detergent. Just add a tablespoon directly into the detergent drawer. You can also, if needed, pre-soak your clothes in a strong solution of soda crystals and warm water. This will help lift any harsh stains. Soak them for an hour and then run them on a wash like normal.

Keeping your machine clean and saving money

Previously we mentioned how soda crystals can help to soften your water and prevent the build-up of limescale. But softening the water has more benefits than just cleaning. It can also save you money.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, detergent is used to soften water. The softer water creates a gentler cycle on your clothes making it easier to remove day-to-day dirt. Using soda crystals means you can use less detergent, and as detergent is far more expensive than the crystals, you’ll save money in the long run by using them.

No matter what issue you’re currently facing with your washing machine, soda crystals are a great diverse product to resolve it. Always make sure you have some in your cleaning cupboard so whether it’s bad smells, limescale build-up, dirt and grime or a red wine stain on your top - you have something that can help tackle it all.


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