Hand sanitiser pump bottles


The best eco friendly hand sanitiser pump bottles


When creating Purdy and Figg, we wanted to create a sanitiser that would be perfect for anyone and to be used quite literally anywhere.


This meant not only was it important to create a variety of scents that were suited to everyone's tastes but for our sanitisers to come in a variety of shapes and sizes too to ensure they fit perfectly into everyday life.


At Purdy and Figg, our beautifully scented sanitisers can be bought in 20ml bottles - our mini option, in 50ml bottles - our original option and finally 250ml bottles - our maxi version.


This means you are able to store and carry your sanitisers wherever you go, making sure you never miss an opportunity to stay protected and moisturise your hands.



The Mini 20ml Bottle


The 20ml is perfect for those who do not like to carry anything but the essentials. It is small, lightweight and can easily be kept in a very small handbag, your purse or even in your pocket. Its size makes it suitable for children too.


Our 20ml is unique as it is both beautiful and sustainable as it is glass, and can easily be topped up using our refills. Though small, our 20ml bottle contains over 150 sprays, so don’t let looks deceive you. .


The Original 50ml Bottle


Our 50ml original bottle is perfect for when you are on the go and need to carry your trust sanitiser. The bottle fits suitably into handbags, stored in your car or at your desk whilst you work.


It's the perfect size for everyone, can easily be refilled and much more attractive than the mass-produced plastic bottled gels. It is our most popular sized bottle and people love how easy they are to use and carry. A 50ml bottle contains 350 sprays.


The 250ml Maxi Bottle


Our maxi bottle is the latest edition to Purdy & Figg, and is perfect for keeping sanitiser around the house. We wanted to create a larger version of our original to ensure that Our customers have told us they love to place it by their sink, at their front door, in the bathroom and even at their desk whilst they work.


The Maxi Spray is in a beautiful brown bottle that looks elegant when out on tables and countertops and means fewer top-ups are needed. With the same easy spray functionality of our minis and classic, our 250ml bottle contains 900 sprays.


We wanted to create a unique and exciting product that suited everybody depending on their wants and needs. Using sanitiser has never been more important, so by having 3 different sized bottles we hope that Purdy & Figg can fit into almost every part of our customer’s lives, making the essential a little bit more elegant.



If you want to buy your scented hand sanitiser from Purdy & Figg, please see our full collection of hand sanitiser sprays.

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