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Our Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Purdy and Figg has helped contribute towards the fight against Covid, supporting a number of businesses to help keep their customers safe and sanitised.


These days it is essential when shopping, travelling and even working to keep our hands clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our hand sanitiser dispensers can be seen around a number of locations and businesses including offices, hotels, shops and restaurants. The hand sanitiser dispensers are easy to use, more attractive than cheap, toxic gel dispensers and like our smaller products, smell amazing.

Our luxury hand sanitiser dispensers are a fully managed service and can be free-standing or discreetly wall mounted. Perfect for indoor or even outdoor environments, our hand sanitiser sprays and dispensers can be by lifts, inside gyms, in lobbies, entrances, shops, meeting rooms, bathrooms, offices and so much more.

At Purdy and Figg, we pride ourselves on our zero-waste policy, as well as our contribution to be more sustainable, using only ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging.





As a result, our hand sanitiser dispensers are zero-waste and sustainably supplied with recyclable liquid containers, removing the sanitisers environmental footprint. We want to ensure that being an eco-friendly and sustainable brand is our number one priority in everything we do.

Our hand sanitiser dispensers include the exact same ingredients as our signature sanitisers. Using beautiful hand picked essential oil blends, we have created a unique and uplifting scents that suit everyone's personal preferences.




By using essential oils we have been able to create an uplifting but calming scent that adds a touch of luxury to the mundane activity of sanitising. As well as this, the use of vegetable glycerin and witch hazel contribute to ensuring your hands stay soft and hydrated unlike other sanitiser gels from dispensers.

Hand sanitiser dispensers have never been more important due to the pandemic, with it being essential to sanitise as frequently as possible in order to stop the virus from spreading. At Purdy and Figg, we are proud to help contribute to the fight against COVID-19, and to ensure people remain safe when going about their everyday lives.



Purdy and Figg offer stylish contactless totem dispensers. You can get a customised totem dispenser with your branding for public spaces in your hotel or shop. Either free standing or wall mounted, these luxury automatic sanitiser totems ensure your guests are protected on arrival.


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