Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

No - all our products can be purchased as one-off orders by selecting ‘One Time Purchase’ option before checking out. We recommend opting to subscribe to get the best value for money.

How do I cancel or amend my subscription?

Log into your account via the confirmation email sent following your first order. In your account portal, you can choose to delay or cancel upcoming deliveries. If you have trouble logging in, get in touch with customer service who will be happy to help you!


Where do you deliver?

We currently ship to the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.

How long does delivery usually take?

We aim to ship all orders from our UK factory within 48 hours of receiving them. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order has been dispatched. Depending on the delivery method you choose, orders should arrive 24-48 hours from the time of dispatch. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £40.

How do I return my order?

We’re very confident you will love your products, but if you’re not happy with your order, we do offer refunds on returned items. Please email customer service on to arrange a return.


Which surfaces is Counter Clean suitable for?

Counter Clean can be used on all surfaces, including softer surfaces like aluminium, wood, stone or any other porous surfaces. As always, we recommend patch testing on any particularly sensitive or precious surfaces that you might be concerned about. Spray onto a cloth and wipe a small patch to see results.

How do I know it works?

The naturally-derived surfactants (surface active agents), AKA ‘the cleaning bit’ found in Counter Clean bind to grease, grime and dirt along with bacteria, viruses and mould, actively removing them from surfaces.

How do I use the concentrate?

Simply pour the whole 20ml bottle into your Bottle for Life and fill to the top (just below the neck) with ordinary tap water. Give the bottle a gentle shake to combine, then enjoy your uplifting clean!

How many uses will I get out of a bottle?

A 300ml bottle of Counter Clean (including one 20ml concentrate) contains approximately 230 sprays. A typical household will get through one of our 300ml bottles in 2-4 weeks, unless you end up getting addicted to wiping down your surfaces like we have!

Is it safe to use around pets?

Our products are safe to use around dogs and other pets, however, it's best not to use them to clean beds or food bowls without rinsing afterwards. Also, don't spray it directly on them (not that you would!). If you are worried about allergies, do contact your vet. Finally, if you have pet birds, you will know that they are particularly sensitive to airborne substances, so it is best to take them out of the room while you clean.

Is it safe to use on food prep areas/fridge?

Yes it’s safe to use on food prep areas and the fridge, however we do recommend wiping down with a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residual product that may impact the taste of food.

Can I return my empty concentrate bottles?

Send back 6 or more empty concentrate bottles using our bottle return scheme and receive £5 off your next order, plus the cost of your postage. Please email for more details. Otherwise, simply rinse them out and pop them in the glass recycling bin.

Is this product Cruelty Free?

Yes, Counter Clean has never been tested on animals. We also only work with suppliers who also avoid testing on animals too!

Is it suitable for people with allergies?

If you know you are allergic to naturally occurring allergens, for example Citral or Citronellol, we recommend you avoid using the product. We have been very careful to select Essential Oils with very low allergy profiles and all other ingredients used in Counter Clean are gentle on skin and should not cause irritation.

Is it safe to use whilst I’m pregnant?

Yes - rest assured our products are safe to use whilst you are pregnant. Please check the label for any known allergens and consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Is Counter Clean antibacterial?

Counter Clean does not contain specific antibacterial agents. It works by actively removing grease, grime and dirt along with bacteria, viruses and mould to create a healthy home. Whilst antibacterial products will kill bacteria (if left to work for the appropriate amount of time), they won’t remove the bacteria from the surface. You wouldn’t wash your body with strong, highly toxic products every two weeks and it’s the same concept with cleaning; use a gentle cleaner little and often.

How do I use the cloth?

We recommend using a clean, dry cloth by either spraying directly onto a surface or onto the cloth. Wash the cloth with similar colours in your regular wash (30 degrees is plenty).

What happens if my Bottle For Life or trigger spray breaks?

We will replace any faulty Bottles For Life or trigger sprays indefinitely, although this does not cover general wear and tear.