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Clean to a limescale-free shine, and immerse yourself in spa-scented luxury. 



Designed specially for your bathroom by Purdy, Charlotte and our in-house chemist Dr Anna, the non-toxic formula tackles hard water and limescale marks fast (and without the elbow grease).

Bathroom Bliss will leave your bath, mirror, tiles and taps streak-free… and positively gleaming. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that all the ingredients are natural and non-toxic, making Bathroom Bliss good for you, and the planet. 

Featuring an all-new Bottle for Life, Bathroom Bliss comes with an anti-slip silicone base specially designed to withstand hard bathroom surfaces and ensure a lifetime guarantee! 

Best of all? Thanks to Bathroom Bliss’ lime and lemongrass essential oils, your bathroom will feel like your very own lusciously scented spa. So lie back, relax, and bathe in the blissed-out feeling of your eco-friendly, all-natural clean. 

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