When do you start spring cleaning


No year seems to be the same. Sometimes it feels like winter is lasting forever, while in others we’ve had huge heatwaves in springtime. So it can be a little misleading as to when your spring clean should take place as weather-wise, spring seems to be all over the place.


We’re throwing the term spring out the window and instead focussing on other things that indicate to us that it’s time for a spring clean. Take a look and see which ones suit your lifestyle as to when you should start spring cleaning.


Reasons to start spring cleaning


One of the most popular reasons to carry out a spring clean is inviting people over for a special occasion. There’s nothing worse than having a messy or dirty home and multiple guests turning up at your doorstep any moment. 


Depending on when the occasion is, means you might need to carry out your spring clean over a couple of evenings before the weekend or during the day ready for the nighttime festivities.


Another reason to start spring cleaning could be that your home is in desperate need of a refresh. We tend to do a deep clean before Christmas, perhaps for New Year also, but the following months seem to be dull and gloomy. 


As the nights get lighter towards spring, a deep clean is a perfect way to bring new light into the home and cheer up the space. While regular cleaning can help minimise the need for this, for most busy households, a spring clean is a fresh start needed for a new time of year.


When the nights get lighter, that’s when we suggest spring cleaning. If you can get home, and deep clean for an hour in the evening and it’s still light. That’s the ideal time. You can get important house cleaning done over the course of the week leaving the weekend to be fun. 


If you spring clean at the weekend all in one day, by the time you’ve finished, it could be dark. In our opinion, that’s an incredibly poor use of a perfectly good Saturday or Sunday. Save your deep cleaning for an hour each evening during the week and celebrate in your own time.


When should you spring clean your home


Your bathroom and kitchen will take the longest to deep clean which is why you should always give them the longest amount of time possible. Depending on when you carry out your deep cleans will dictate to what time of day you clean them. However, from our research and cleaning methods, we see that each room can take up to two hours depending on how large and dirty it is. Deep cleaning ovens, clearing drains and polishing all the shiny surfaces - it all takes time so put some aside accordingly.


If you’re deep cleaning rooms like your bedroom or living space, you won’t need as much time. A quick dusting, hoover and polish and you’re done. What takes the most amount of time in these areas is removing clutter. Getting rid of old clothes, sorting through messy drawers, donating unused toys. There are ways for these rooms to take up time, but cleaning is pretty straightforward.


Ultimately, spring cleaning starts whenever it’s suitable for you. Ask yourself a few questions about why you need to spring clean and then organise your schedule so that you can easily fit it in. Here’s what this looks like:


  • - Am I spring cleaning for an occasion? If yes, make sure you clean in time
  • - Am I spring cleaning because the house needs it? If yes, wait until you find time
  • - Are the evenings light enough for me to spring clean? If yes, slowly make your way through the home
  • - Do you have spare time in the evening? If yes, utilise it for spring cleaning - remember it doesn’t need to all be done at once
  • - Are you limited on time? If yes, estimate each room based on time and slot it into your schedule


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