Toilet Cleaning Hacks


Our toilet cleaning hacks for your home


Cleaning the toilet is probably not the most glamorous job you had planned for your weekend, but if you’ve got a few non-aimers in the household, it’s certainly a necessity.


Cleaning your toilet is one of those tasks that you can’t cut any corners on. Not only will bacteria build up super fast, but the smell will also be hitting your nostrils faster than you can say ‘bleach’.

In this blog, you’ll find some great tips on how you can clean your toilet quickly and efficiently, using natural products and spending as little time as possible with your head in the bowl.


An efficient toilet cleaning scrub


If you’re between deep cleans, or you haven’t got all day to be starting at stains in your toilet bowl, you might want to find a cleaning method that allows you to get on with the day.


This is where one of our favourite methods comes into play. Whatever toilet cleaner you already own, pop it in the toilet at the top of the rim. Then, grab your toilet brush and scrub your toilet all around the bowl. Wait 10 minutes.

While you’re waiting take your bathroom cleaner and give the rim, seat and cistern a wipe down using a microfibre cloth. It allows you to clean everything on the surface, without leaving a residue and you can pop the cloth in the washing machine and use it again. After you’ve cleaned the rest of the toilet, your time will be up and you can give it a final flush. Voila, a quick and effortless clean.


The deep clean toilet hack


For some of us, time isn’t an issue. We’d rather spend all day cleaning the toilet knowing a good job is done than cut some corners and end up with some crusty build up throughout the years. If that’s you, here’s our favourite hack.

Take off the toilet seat! Seats are a hotspot for collecting germs, grime and well… let’s call it human dirt. They’re really easy to take off too. Simply unscrew them from the underside of the toilet. Remove the washers and lift the lid off. It’s not rocket science and this way you can give it a good scrub.

Soak the screws, washers and the metal part of the mechanisms in a bowl of cleaning solution. Scrub the rest of the seat with your regular cleaning solution and make sure you clean the areas of the toilet that the seat fixes onto. You might need an old toothbrush to get into the smaller areas but when you fix your toilet seat back, you’ll know you’ve given the entire toilet a deep clean to be proud of!


Natural product cleaning hacks


If you don’t enjoy using harsh chemicals, there are plenty of other products you can use that are natural. They’re the typical zero waste natural cleaning products that you probably use throughout your home already, just mixed up in a slightly different order.

Use white vinegar and baking soda in equal parts, throw it into the bowl of your toilet and scrub using your toilet brush. Leave it for 30 minutes or so, come back, and scrub again before flushing. If you want to leave your toilet with a high-shine polish, use some lemon rind and rub it on the toilet. It will be smelling fresh and look like a professional has been in!

If there’s one thing you do need after cleaning your toilet, it’s a good sanitiser to clean your hands with. Even if your marigolds are up by the elbow, there’s no better feeling than knowing your hands are fresh and clean - plus, if you buy one with a lovely scent, then they’ll smell better than rubber glove scent too!


Keep your toilet clean, but most of all keep the bacteria in your bathroom, or down your drains, not all over your home from not cleaning your hands afterwards.