The great British spring clean



Evenings are getting lighter, more social events are appearing on your calendar and spring is well and truly on the way. If there’s one way to clear out the cold, damp, stale smell of winter, it’s a deep clean. There’s no better feeling than looking at your home when it’s clear of clutter, mess and grime. The satisfaction is just incomparable; and this March, you’re not alone.


As we move into the brighter side of 2022, it’s clear that everyone has a ‘fresh start’ on their mind. Let’s be honest, it’s been a couple of year’s since we’ve had a ‘proper’ Spring and we’re choosing to make the most of it. Hosting parties, enjoying BBQ’s, days out with the family and back to doing ‘fun stuff’. That’s what we’re looking forward to. 


But first, we need to prepare. Studies have shown that a clean home is a happy home. There’s nothing worse than coming back from holiday and needing to clean the house. It’s why most of us clean it beforehand. So don’t ruin your Springtime vibes by neglecting your cleaning.


Enjoy the parties, put on the pounds at the BBQ and spoil yourself on a day out, but don’t leave yourself deflated when you return home. Here are a few tips on how we’re getting our cleaning vibes on this Spring and how you can too.



What rooms should you focus on?



Whether you have a one-bed flat or a six-bed mansion. There are two rooms that need your attention the most. The living room and the kitchen. They’re usually both on the same floor as the front door and are the two rooms you walk through the most when coming home.


Dying to dive on the sofa? You won’t be able to if the kids toys are creating an obstacle course for getting there. Perhaps you’re rushing home to pour yourself a nice cold drink - not if you’ve still got washing up to do from the night before. There’s nothing worse than walking into a mess, so whatever rooms you walk into first; make sure they’re clean.


The third room to Spring clean is the bedroom. Make it a sanctuary to sink into. Set yourself up for a good nights sleep. It’s one of the most important part of our overall health - sleep - and sadly, it’s underrated by so many. It’s not just about getting 8 hours, it’s about quality too.


Get the duster out, change the sheets and spray your pillow with some lavender spray. After all, your evenings and weekends are only going to get more hectic as the weather improves so ensure your bedroom is giving you the respite you’ll so desperately need.


The bathroom may not seem like such a focus. Unless you’re coming home with a bladder that’s about to burst, it’s unlikely that it’s going to be your first stop in the home. While we can all agree a bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax, it’s not as essential as setting up your bedroom for a night of rest. It’s why we have this room fourth on our list.



What should you use in your Spring clean?


Spring cleans are the perfect opportunity to declutter. Not to wipe down surfaces and scrub at toilet bowls. It’s about organising your space to create peace of mind. Knowing where items are in the home, finding a place for all your belongings and getting rid of the ones you don’t need. This is what a successful Spring clean is all about.


So be sure to grab your duster, reusable cleaning cloths and multi-purpose cleaning spray. But prioritise your time to clean the space beforehand so that your Spring clean doesn’t turn into just another weekly clean.


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