How to spring clean your house in a day


Spring is fast approaching and for many of us, it means a deep clean is headed our way. It can be a little daunting, but in reality, all you need is a plan of action on what you’re going to tackle, how you're going to do it and how long it’s going to take.


Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the guessing work in the middle and now we’re sharing the results for how you can spring clean your house in a day in the most efficient and effective way possible. Have a read and then get going on your own spring clean!


Setting up the house to spring clean


If you live alone then this might be easier, if you don’t then the first thing you need to do is get the rest of the household on board. If you have older kids it might be a case of telling them to grab all their stuff and put it away - “anything left out will end up in the bin” is usually a good tactic. For smaller kids, it’s a case of getting all the adults involved to help out. Sadly, for most of us spring cleaners, it’s easier and quicker to just get the job done ourselves.


Tidying up is the best way to begin spring cleaning. Once you can see everything and all items are put away in their proper homes, it’s quicker to get through the house room by room. It’s completely up to you what rooms you tackle and in what order. We suggest starting with the bathroom and kitchen - they usually require the most energy.


Spring cleaning mid-morning


After you have tidied the entire house it’s time to get cleaning. In the bathroom and kitchen, you can take a similar approach. Pay special attention to clearing out drains and areas that are often neglected such as ovens and hard-to-reach areas around the toilet and sink. Our favourite tip when it comes to cleaning these two rooms is removing the clutter before you clean.


Emptying any cupboards or drawers is the best way to declutter. Get it all out in the open and then make a judgement call on whether it’s important enough to put back. But before you put it back, deep clean the storage area with a good scrub. Then, wipe everything down before putting it back. Know that the harsher you are with your decision as to what goes back in the cupboard - the easier your future interim cleans will be.


Spring cleaning in the afternoon


The morning is usually taken by tidying and cleaning the difficult rooms. It means lunchtime is the perfect opportunity for refuelling and then you can tackle the rest of the home. There’s far less physical cleaning during this time and a lot of the work comes down to organising.


Going through your wardrobe and removing old clothes is our favourite task. Dusting in the corners that are high and usually out of reach. Even organising the drawer that houses the batteries (the clutter drawer, we all have one). That’s what we save the afternoon of our spring clean for.


There are other cleaning actions such as polishing the surfaces, wiping down the windows and hoovering under the sofa cushions, that we do in the afternoon too. If you can, why not remove the sofa cushions and put them in the washing machine. When it comes to hoovering, don’t forget to move any furniture and get underneath it.


Dedicating your morning to declutter and deep cleans is the perfect way to ensure you have enough energy for the afternoon. The actions you do in the afternoon won’t take as long, but there will more than likely be more of them (although fewer chemicals). Combine it all together and you can easily get your spring clean done in a day no matter how many people are in your home.


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