Counter Clean

Which surfaces is Counter Clean suitable for?

Counter Clean can be used on all surfaces, including softer surfaces like aluminium, wood, stone or any other porous surfaces. As always, we recommend patch testing on any particularly sensitive or precious surfaces that you might be concerned about. Spray onto a cloth and wipe a small patch to see results.

How do I know it works?

The naturally-derived surfactants, AKA ‘surface active agents’ (the cleaning bit),’ found in Counter Clean bind to grease, grime and dirt along with bacteria, viruses and mould, actively removing them from your surfaces. For a more detailed explanation, please see above.

Why have you called it Counter Clean when it cleans multiple surfaces?

We called it Counter Clean when we first started to develop a kitchen spray three years ago because we thought the name was fun. We later realised that it can be used for everything, but thought we’d keep the name because it’s a bit counter intuitive using just one product rather than multiple different products!

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How is this product sustainable?

Our Counter Clean is made from 100% naturally derived, sustainably sourced and non-toxic ingredients, including our essential oils which are ethically obtained from un-endangered sources. Our refillable concentrates helps to cut down carbon emissions by reducing shipping heavy water-based products around the world and through multiple warehouses, and plastic packaging waste. By switching to Counter Clean, you could save 24 heavy plastic bottles from the supply chain each year.

How many uses will I get out of a bottle?

A 300ml bottle of Counter Clean (including one 20ml concentrate) contains approximately 230 sprays. A typical household will get through one of our 300ml bottles in 2-4 weeks, unless you end up getting addicted to wiping down your surfaces like we have!