Eco cleaning products is the future - here’s why



Eco cleaning, why you should switch 


Climate change is not ‘new’. People have been sending out warnings of mankind’s reckless impact on the environment for decades. As the Earth has become hotter, so has the topic. Fortunately, it seems like over the last decade it’s not just us eco-warriors who are taking notice, governments around the globe seem to be discussing their responsibilities when it comes to climate change. 


As the world looks forward to a more sustainable way of living, products and innovative ideas are flooding the market. Eco cleaning products are the future, the same way emails have replaced handwritten letters, and streaming services are slowly replacing the popularity of cinema.


While there will always be those who opt for the ‘old’ methods of chemicals, toxins, and plastics, eco-friendly cleaning is the future, one you cannot avoid. So, here’s some eco products that are a great example of eco cleaning and how they’re going to become the future ‘norm’. 


Refill products are the future 


There are already some refill products out there in the market and more are coming into the market space every day. Brands such as Purdy & Figg spotted a huge gap in the market for refill hand sanitiser, something that has become quite essential as of late.


The products kill 99.99% of bacteria, are made with 100% essential oils, and smell incredible. The fact that their refillable takes them from just ‘another hand sanitiser’ to a practical, eco-friendly product, that is already prepared for the green future the planet is heading for. 


Some refill cleaning products are already on the shelves of supermarkets too. Mainly all-purpose cleaners but it’s important to note that more and more options are coming to market every year.  You can even get a subscription for dishwasher and washing machine tablets.  


But why are refill products an eco-friendly alternative? It’s because you remove all the packaging surrounding the product you actually need. Think about when you buy a cleaner - you buy the same trigger spray bottle that holds the liquid and then end up throwing it away. Yet, all you really need is the liquid.  


Refill shops will often hold the item in a big jar and you take what you need. Reusing the bottles over and over again. In some cases, it will be a pouched item. Although this isn’t completely waste-free, the packaging used is often recycled, recyclable, and sometimes reusable around the home. 


Eco cleaning accessories are the future 


Of course, for every spray you need, there are eco-friendly tools to use. Often bamboo products are advertised as better options than dishwashing sponges, cloths, and scourers. The reason is that bamboo is an incredibly versatile product. It can grow up to 3 feet every day, and requires very little water to grow. It doesn’t need to be sprayed in pesticides, and it produces 35% more oxygen than most trees. Bamboo products are easier to source, grow and are more sustainable for the environment.  


Take dishwashing sponges for example, not only are they made from plastic but their nature means they tend to hold bacteria and germs. Experts recommend that you only use a sponge for one week (at best) - after that it becomes hazardous to your health and filled with bacteria. But you can buy a bamboo scrubber, and use it for months before the bristles break down. You can then recycle it and buy a replacement head for much less. 


It’s clear that as the world moves to a greener space, products will be ready to meet the new demands. Are you going to get on board with the future of cleaning, or will you be the one sending a letter decades after the invention of email?