Scented hand sanitiser


Hand sanitiser which smells amazing!


Our co-founders, Purdy and Charlotte spent a lot of their free time before the creation of Purdy and Figg creating natural and sustainable products for the home. They recognised the importance of not using harsh chemicals and instead sustainably sourced ingredients that are all-natural.



Once they decided to create a sanitiser, they knew they wanted to make something unique, a more luxurious product that was enjoyable to use, instead of the sticky and dehydrating gels that smell toxic. This led to the idea of using natural and fragrant essential oils to add a whole new element to sanitising, and thus came the creation of our scented hand sanitiser sprays.



After substantial research, Purdy and Charlotte felt they could tap into a market that has not quite been developed until now, and that was the idea of beautifully scented sanitisers.




Hand Sanitiser



With their extensive knowledge of the use of essential oils, they wanted to combine the bleak necessity with something uplifting and aromatic, but also with the ability to suit everybody's preferences.



In addition, with COVID 19 already an incredibly bleak time in our lives, Purdy and Charlotte felt that they could bring a more pleasurable element to it. With the support of Purdy’s sons, they found suppliers in Greece who could provide them with oils that were both sustainable and suitable to be used in a sanitiser with uplifting and calming qualities.


Previously, sanitiser has held connotations of horrifically strong smells, hash chemicals and sticky hands. Our beautiful scented hand sanitiser, comes in a glass bottle, cleans your hands and has all the right alcohol content you need to kill germs and bacteria.


It has never been perceived as an enjoyable experience, but only a necessary experience. Adding the scent element to sanitiser sprays contributes to improving the ordinary and mundane task.


Purdy and Charlotte created their signature scented hand sanitiser with the aim of making a chore, more of a treat. By adding beautiful essential oils to what originally could be perceived as quite a dull and lifeless product, we aim to help and encourage people to stay safe, even after the pandemic is over.


If you want to buy your scented hand sanitiser from Purdy & Figg, please see our full collection of hand sanitiser sprays.


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