Refillable cleaning spray bottles

 Refillable cleaning spray bottles

In this article, we tell you about refillable cleaning spray bottles.


The world of cleaning is shifting. As we all become more aware of the effects that chemicals are having in our waterways, we’re shifting towards kinder products for ourselves, the environment and the wildlife that live there.

However, as the world of eco-friendly cleaning grows, so does the popularity for accessories. There are many you can get out there but you want to make sure that they’re adding to your eco-friendly mission rather than detracting from it. Remember not very purchase you make, even with the best intentions, is good for the planet.


How can cleaning accessories impact the environment?


If you’re looking at refillable cleaning spray bottles, the first thing to do is avoid plastic. Plastic is not always safe when it comes to storing cleaning liquids and chemicals, but also it’s bad for the environment.

Made from oils and fossil fuels, plastic has time and time again been announced as one of the Earth’s most problematic substances and there’s already 8.3 billion tons in existence. Reducing our demand on plastic is perhaps the most powerful action we can make as individuals.

But if not plastic, then what can we use? The answer: glass. While glass goes through an intense process to be formed, it is far more durable than plastic and if it breaks, it can be melted down and reused over and over again. Meaning that once formed it will never negatively impact the planet, so long as it is recycled. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for certain types of plastic.

When comparing plastic and glass, you’ll notice that initially the more eco-friendly product (glass) can be a little more expensive. Don’t let this deter you. Think of every purchase you make for your eco-cleaning as an investment. Your glass, although slightly pricier, will be suitable for every natural and chemical cleaning product you may think of purchasing. Plastic on the other hand, will have limited use and more often than not, need deep thorough cleaning before it can be used again.



Which refillable products should you use?


It’s important that when looking at refillable products, you seek out concentrated versions. Too often in supermarkets you’ll be sold refillable cleaning solutions in huge litre bags filled with liquids. The truth is that you’re being sold a watered down version of what you actually want.

If you’re trying to find an eco-friendly cleaning solution, be sure to buy concentrates. Not only will these concentrates last longer, they also have smaller packaging and therefore less waste. If you’re looking to protect the environment with your refillable cleaning product, reducing your waste is just as important as protecting the aquatic ecosystems in our oceans.

The perks of using concentrated versions are that, more often than not, you end up saving money. Remember when we spoke about glass bottles being more expensive that plastic? You can instantly make back your money by using concentrates.

Another benefit to using concentrated cleaning solutions is that they tend to last much longer. Depending on where you buy them from, you may be able to pop them into a bottle of water and discard of any packaging. With some options, like the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Starter Kit, you can grab 3 concentrated cleaning solutions and a reusable glass trigger spray bottle. The combination of all three items allows you to eco-clean your home for a minimum of 3 months.

Of course, depending on how often you clean will change how often you need a refill. But these small powerful concentrates are certainly a better option financially and for the environment. Don’t let the supermarkets charge you a fortune for a watered down version.


How to store your refillable cleaning spray bottles


It may be clear to some, but with trigger sprays you should always keep them clear from the reach of children. Some cleaning solutions from supermarkets have child-safe bottle tops where you need to squeeze and push the top down to release the chemical. Trigger sprays bottle can come with a twisted nozzle, but there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re easier to open and use.

There are many upsides to using refillable cleaning spray bottles and concentrated cleaning solutions. Removing plastic from your home, protecting the oceans and removing chemicals to support your immune health are just a few of the benefits to going green. So, the question is less of ‘will you transform your cleaning routine to be more eco’, and more ‘why aren’t you already cleaning green?



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