A Chemical-Free
Cleaning Revolution

Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

Our Story
Written by Camilla Pelly

With a second lockdown announced this week, it’s normal to be feeling some stress or anxiety, especially as we head into shorter days and colder weather. All natural British hand sanitiser brand Purdy & Figg is here to support you by providing joy in the everyday, giving you small ways to be kind to yourself and to raise your mood.

Our mission is to elevate your experience of keeping clean, bringing a touch of luxury to your sanitising experience with our smooth, moisturising formula, while lifting your mood with three unique blends of essential oils. 

What is pure essential oil?

Pure essential oils are the distilled essence of aromatic plants, which have been used throughout the ages for their unique properties said to promote healing and wellbeing. Essential oils are extracted from highly scented herbs and spices, such as clove, eucalyptus or rosemary.

What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils smell lovely and can be added to skincare and beauty products, as well as homemade cleaning products or dropped into a diffuser for an extra aromatic lift. 

Essential Oils have been used for aromatherapy for many years. They also have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, have been shown to promote healthy sleep, relieve headaches, and can alleviate pain. Some essential oils are also known to improve skin conditions. 

What are the specific benefits of essential oils?

At Purdy & Figg, we use a blend of natural essential oils in our antibacterial hand spray to create three unique scents; Original Citrus, Charlotte's Floral and Wild Woody. The three fragrances contain a hand crafted balance of the following essential oils: 

  • Rose Geranium Oil - The scent of rose from the rose flower has been studied and shown to enhance relaxation, offer pain relief, and soothe anxiety in a clinical setting. The essential oil also has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Rose geranium oil has strong antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
  • Lemon Citrus Oil - Lemon oil is one of several essential oils that can kill harmful bacteria and has powerful antifungal properties. Lemon essential oil perks up your mood, but it also may work to boost your brainpower. It’s also sometimes used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic, thanks to its antidepressant and anti-stress effects.
  • Vetiver Oil - Inhaling vetiver oil can help to stimulate a tired brain to improve alertness and brain function. Vetiver oil can soothe and calm anxiousness.
  • Sweet Orange Oil - Orange oil nourishes dry, irritated and acne-prone skin when mixed with a carrier oil and applied as a cream. This oil also promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth as well as helping to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Pink Grapefruit Oil - Grapefruit essential oil has potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Initial research demonstrates that grapefruit essential oil may be effective at lowering blood pressure and stress levels.
  • Niaouli Oil - Thanks to its cicatrising properties, Niaouli Essential Oil is the ultimate healer. It also has potent antibacterial elements whilst offering respiratory support and may help to ease breathing and clear a stuffy head.

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