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Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

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For many of us, the bedroom can end up being the last place to be cleaned in the house as it’s not seen by guests. However, given we spend a lot of our lives in this room, the bedroom is potentially one of the most important spaces to keep clean for our physical and mental wellbeing. Good quality sleep is super important for optimal health and wellness, especially during the winter months!

The good news is, studies have shown that a clean and tidy bedroom can improve our sleep quality! Here’s our simple five-step guide for the ultimate bedroom new year reset:

Open The Windows

This step sounds simple, but you should always start any deep cleaning routine by opening the windows. There is nothing more beneficial for your home than letting natural air circulate the space. We tend to avoid this in the colder winter months, however even just opening the windows for five minutes a day is enough to dilute indoor air emissions and keep your home clean and fresh!


Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

The bedroom is where we spend the very first and last moments of the day, so when we’re surrounded by clutter it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Whether it’s the ever-growing collection of products or the bursting wardrobe, January’s a great time to have a clear-out. Plus, getting moving by having a good declutter will kickstart your new year mindset and make everything feel a little more manageable!

The key with decluttering is to be minimalistic. Give away, donate or throw out any items that no longer serve you, and invest in some good storage to keep the clutter at bay!

Top Tip: Check out our decluttering series on TikTok to find out what items you should be ditching in 2023:


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Organise Your Wardrobe

Did you know that most of us only wear 20% of our clothes on a regular basis? As a general rule, you should get rid of anything that no longer fits or hasn’t been worn in the last year. If in good condition, you can either donate to charity or sell them on platforms such as Vinted if you want to make some extra pocket money!

This is also the perfect time to tend to your ‘floordrobe’ and put away anything that's been strewn across the floor. If you find that your clothes are falling off the hangers easily and often getting lost, it’s a sign you probably have too much stuff in your wardrobe!

Top Tip: Check out Decluttering Expert Emma George’s tips for decluttering your wardrobe here:

Tackling Surfaces

The bedroom can easily become the dustiest room in the house due (let’s not to mention all those dead skin cells and dust mites!) The trick is to start with the higher surfaces (i.e light fittings, tops of wardrobes, blinds etc.) and work your way down. Remember to also clean the tops of window frames and mirrors! We recommend using our Purdy & Figg Counter Clean for this task with a dry microfibre cloth.

Top Tip: If you try to keep surfaces like bedside tables and chest of drawers clear from clutter they’re much easier to keep dust-free!

Freshen up your mattress

The final task is giving your bed some TLC. To give your mattress a little refresh, simply add a few essential oil drops to some bicarbonate of soda (we recommend lemon or eucalyptus for their anti-dust-mite properties). Sprinkle the bicarb over the mattress and leave for around 30 minutes before vacuuming it. Your mattress will smell so fresh!

You can also take this moment to give your headboard a clean. If you have a fabric bed frame, give it a vacuum first, then simply spray Counter Clean directly onto a dry microfibre cloth (it’s 100% safe to use on fabric) and give it a quick wipe down.

For a bed deep clean tutorial watch our video here: 

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