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Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

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If you've been following us on social media, you might already be familiar with some of these viral cleaning hacks. However, if you haven't yet had the chance to explore, we've curated a list of our most-watched tips that will help you elevate your cleaning game and make your home fit for a king. Get ready to discover these powerful natural cleaning techniques that will leave your home sparkling and regally fresh!

1. The Saucepan Lid Sofa Cleaning Trick 

One of our most popular cleaning hacks has got to be the viral saucepan lid trick to clean upholstered sofas. By wrapping a cloth around a saucepan lid to create a disc-shaped cleaning tool, you can clean large fabric surface areas like sofas and carpets to freshen them up! 


@purdyandfigg How dirty is your sofa?! 🤮🤮 #lifehacks #cleaninghacksforyou #cleaninghacks #homehack #cleaningtips #cleantok #sofacleaning #thingsilearnedontiktok #fyp ♬ Sweet Disposition FeelingBlew - Feelingblew

2. The Cotton Pad Toothbrush Charger Trick 

We’re all familiar with that unpleasant build-up of gunk on the base of toothbrush chargers, but did you know that this can be avoided with a simple cotton pad? Cut a small hole in the middle of the cotton pad and place over the charging unit - check out our demo video below.

Top tip: if you find the cotton pad impacts charging, then remove a few layers of the cotton pad.

@purdyandfigg How does the toothbrush charger get so dirty?! 🤯🤯 #smartwaystolive #toothbrushcleaning #cleantok #lifehack #homehack #cleaninghack ♬ Smart Ways To Live - user60729438032

3. Dry Dusting Trick 

It's always a good idea to remove dust before you clean in order to make sure you've effectively removed all dirt and bacteria. By dusting with a microfibre cloth (which carries a ‘positive’ charge) the dust will be electrostatically attracted to the negatively charged dust/dirt particles (therefore the cloth will actively pull the dust from the surface and into the fibres of the cloth).

@purdyandfigg Dry dusting is gamechanging 🤯💪 #dustinghack #preventdust #dusthack #drydusting #drydustcleaning #cleantok ♬ original sound - Purdy & Figg | Cleaning Hacks

4. Shower Head Descale

White vinegar has long been hailed as a fantastic natural descaler, which makes it perfect for unclogging shower head limescale build-up with this easy tip. Soak your shower head in white vinegar (either in a bag attached to the head or in a bucket) for an hour before using a toothbrush to dislodge any remaining limescale. 


@purdyandfigg White vinegar to the rescue! 💪 #cleaningtips #cleantok #cleaninghacks #thingstiktoktaughtme #thingsilearnedontiktok #lifehack #homehack #fyp ♬ smile - sunsetzaudios

5. Washing Machine Deep Clean

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; look after the things that clean for you. Good maintenance of your washing machine will not only improve its functionality but it will likely increase its lifespan - a win, win! Watch below: 

@purdyandfigg Changed my whole routine…✨🧽 #washingmachineclean #deepclean #cleantok #thingsilearnedontiktok #homehacks #cleaninghacks ♬ original sound - Katrina | Fitness Coach

6. Bicarb & Lemon Sink Clean

Bicarb and lemon is another classic natural cleaning combination. As an acid and a base, the two agents react with one another to help loosen dirt from surfaces. This tip is perfect if you’ve got some old or mouldy lemons to use up. 

Top tip: make sure you rinse the lemon juice away to remove the natural sugars from your surfaces. 

@purdyandfigg 3 cleaning hacks to get your house smelling FRESHHHH 👏 #cleaninghacks #microwaveclean #microwavecleaning #showerclean #grouthack #sinkcleaning #homehack ♬ Sunshine - WIRA


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