Why you should switch to cleaning refills

Why you should switch to cleaning refills

It is estimated that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world. This is incredible considering that plastic was only invented in 1862. Not even 200 years and over 5 trillion pieces have been created. What’s worse is that they’re all still out there. None of them have decomposed, none have degraded back into the soil, they’re all still out there most as fresh as the day they were created. It’s why millions of people have decided to reduce their plastic consumption and remove it from their lives altogether.

One easy way to reduce your plastic consumption is switching to cleaning refills. It can save you a lot of money in the long run, but more importantly, it does wonders for the planet.

Cutting down on plastic

While you may not be purchasing a bottle of bathroom cleaner every week, every bottle purchased is unnecessary - especially when all you want is the liquid inside. You may have seen there are a lot of subscription services for cleaning refills. Some will allow you to purchase a bundle when you need it, others will allow you to opt-in for monthly delivery. It can be customised to whatever your needs are.

Often the package that arrives include your refills in a sachet or tablet of some sort. You pop the cleaner into water and wait for it to dissolve. It’s that simple and incredibly easy. You barely have to lift a finger! It’s a good idea to consider cleaning refills if you’re looking to cut down on plastic. That way you never need to buy that trigger spray bottle again.



Less harmful toxins

Another great reason to switch to cleaning refills is the companies that are behind them. Often those who provide a refill service have the planet and environmental needs at the forefront of their mind. It means that their products tend to be kinder to the planet too.

When it comes to cleaning products it’s important to remember that they often get poured into our drains. Whether that’s by direct rinsing, or using a cloth to scrub and then popping it in the washing machine. The less harmful toxins in your wastewater the better. Although water companies have a legal duty to clean water thoroughly before putting it back in the ocean, the more energy it takes to clean it, the higher the carbon footprint of your water.

Supporting the right brands

Not only do the brands that create cleaning refills have an eco-friendly outlook on their products, they often have an eco-cause they like to contribute to. Some like to help clean up the ocean and some plants trees. Very few are trying to replace big conglomerate companies in the supermarkets and make a huge profit; they just want to make a positive impact on the planet.

It’s important that when selecting the brands to choose from, you ensure they’re also a high-quality product. Purdy & Figg are one of the very few hand sanitiser companies that provide refills but don’t skimp on quality for you and the planet. They believe that hygiene doesn’t have to smell dull or bad, and it definitely doesn’t have to add trash to the environment.

Their products use the highest grade pharmaceutical alcohol at 70% which helps to kill 99.99% of bacteria and every one of their sanitisers is beautifully fragranced with 100% essential oils. You can get their hand cleaning refill bottles, store them at home, and then take the travel size spray with you wherever you go. It’s one refill product that rarely comes at such high quality, and the best bit, it doesn’t cost you a fortune either.

So, there’s some food for thought. Now it’s time to go out there and see how many cleaning refill services you can find and see how they can help you build a sustainable lifestyle.


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