Spring cleaning checklist


Spring cleans are possibly the most satisfying deep cleans of the year. It’s almost like New Year’s but practical. Removing all the clutter from your life, scraping away all the dirt and giving yourself a fresh new scent to go forward with. Starting afresh in your home with a spring clean is the perfect next chapter. 


That being said, it can be a little bit overwhelming. There are so many online hacks and tips and tricks with showhome galore to feast your eyes upon. Is it possible to know where to start? We’re going to take you through our checklist for what you need when you spring clean and some of the most important jobs to be done in the home - as well as the ones that 

are forgotten.


The best list for cleaning is one where you create your own cleaning schedule. When you plan a house clean get ready and be organised. Open the windows, put music on and get into the mood! 


What equipment you will need


If you’re about to tackle your spring clean there are a few items you will need. Be sure to make sure you have a duster, hoover and rubber gloves. When it comes to liquid cleaning products, you’ll need a multi-surface cleaner, anti-bacterial cleaner, glass cleaner and degreaser. 


Of course, one piece of equipment you can’t go without is a reusable cloth. After you’re done cleaning you’ll want to put these all in a wash load together. Try to keep a single cloth for a single type of cleaner.


There isn’t a right or wrong cleaner to use, as long as they can get these jobs done you’ll be prepared for your much needed spring clean.


Length of time and best days to clean


Doing a spring clean will usually take a day, depending on how clean your home already is and how efficient you can get round the home. Start strong by removing all the clutter and tidying commonly used areas. This will mean that you can clean the home with ease.


Usually it will take around a couple of hours to do this. If you’re not sure you can get all your cleaning done in one day, certainly complete this task in an evening. Leaving nothing but deep cleaning for the following day.


It’s not uncommon to spread your spring clean over a few days. Understandably one of the worst ways to spend your weekend is deep cleaning you home. After you’ve decluttered and tidied up, cleaning is pretty much straight forward. Tackle it room by room. We suggest starting with your bathroom and kitchen as these usually require the longest amount of time. Then, focus on easier to clean rooms such as the bedroom and living room.


Jobs to be done - The spring clean check list


There are so many jobs that need to be done when spring cleaning which is why we’re going to provide you with a list of some of the most popular. This way, you can start your spring clean with some sort of plan as to how you’re going to complete it:


  • -Clean the inside of the oven and the cooking racks
  • -Wipe down the surfaces in the kitchen
  • -Clear out the fridge and clean the shelves (including the door shelves)
  • -Wipe down the front of the kitchen doors
  • -Clear out and scrub the inside of the kitchen cupboards
  • -Scrub the bathtub
  • -Snake and clear all drains in the home
  • -Clean the soap scum off the shower screen and polish
  • -Scrub the toilet and leave the cleaner inside for a white finish
  • -Polish all wooden surfaces in the home
  • -Clean and polish all mirrors throughout
  • -Scrub the hard floors and polish the wooden ones
  • -Hoover the carpets making sure you move furniture so that all areas are covered
  • -Dust any ornaments in the house
  • -Clear any high up corners of cobwebs using a duster


There are plenty of tasks to tackle when spring cleaning. How many more can you think of?


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