Refill Not Landfill


You should refill, not add to landfill!

Climate change. It's staring us all in the face. It seems like this big impossible task that as an individual, we can have little effect on. However, this is not the case. It only takes one ripple in the ocean to start a wave and when it comes to climate change the individual has never been more important.

Never think that your small action will not make a difference, the world doesn’t need a handful of people living a perfect eco-life; it needs millions trying to make a small difference. One easy way to get started is to look at reducing your waste.

Why is waste reduction important?

Sitting at the top of the waste hierarchy is ‘reduce’. You may be familiar with the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ - that order is essential when it comes to making the biggest and best contribution to fighting climate change. Keeping this phrase in mind when it comes to your everyday life can seriously benefit the planet.

When you buy an item, consider if you really need it. Can you reduce your demand for a new item altogether? If not, can you reuse it? This might be by refilling, repairing, or redistributing. The last resort should be to recycle it. However, it’s important that you buy recycled items as well as recycle them - otherwise the point of ‘recycling’ is missed altogether.

One area of the waste hierarchy which is becoming increasingly popular and more accessible to the wider population is reuse.

One of the big topics in recent years are single use plastic bottles and the boom in demand for refillable water bottles. A great brand and one we love ate Chilli water bottles. You can only imagine the reduction of plastic waste for switching from plastic water bottles.

How can I reuse more?

As humans, we naturally need items to go about our everyday life. Fighting climate change doesn’t have to be a strict lifestyle where you wash once a week, eat only rice and beans and experiment with strange items to clean your home. You can do a lot simply by reusing containers.

Purdy & Figg are one example of an incredible zero-waste online shop. Specialising in hand sanitiser - something millions of us will need for the foreseeable future. It’s one of those items that’s very easy to pick up at the checkout of a supermarket and end up in a landfill. The plastic on the containers cannot always be recycled, and as we know, refilling is the more eco-friendly option.

Last year it was estimated that 10 millions bottles of hand sanitiser landed in landfills. Plastic items that won’t break down for 500 years at least. Every bottle of hand sanitiser that has ever been created is still out there somewhere. Imagine if all those people who purchased hand sanitisers opted for a refill option instead.

Keeping quality with refill products

It’s important that wherever you substitute a refill product, you keep the same quality. Purdy & Figg hand sanitisers kill 99.99% of bacteria and arrive in a large refill bottle, accompanied by a travel spray bottle to take with you on the go.

Having a travel-sized sanitiser means you don’t need to use anyone else’s when you walk into a building - minimising contact with more unnecessary surfaces. It’s not just the quality of the product that’s important, it’s the ease of use.

The attraction with single-use hand sanitiser bottles at the checkout is that they’re small and convenient. It’s why the Purdy & Figg refillable sprays are so popular. You purchase your refill bottles and store them at home, then take your small spray with you on your travels.

The convenience of the size allows you to take it anywhere, but having it in your pocket, knowing that it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly option, makes it that more reassuring that you’re making a difference to your health and others.

If you’re trying to do more refill not landfill, start small by looking at these extra essentials in your life and see if you can swap them for better alternatives.



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