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Going plastic free in your kitchen

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding plastic and its use. While some people debate that the material serves a large purpose in society and is just being utilised in the wrong way, others feel there is no need for it at all. Ultimately, plastic takes a long time to break down. It means every piece of plastic ever created is still in the world somewhere, so popping it in your recycling bin doesn’t resolve anything.

For this reason, millions of people have made the decision to remove plastic from their life entirely. Easier said than done - we know. But it doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to reduce the amount of plastic you use and utilise the plastic you already have. Here are just a few ways you can have a plastic-free kitchen.

Get a plastic-free kitchen by adjusting your weekly shop

While some supermarkets are looking at reducing the amount of plastic sold with their foods and household products, it’s not yet common practice. When you do your weekly shopping, take note of how much plastic is involved in the items you buy.

Cereal. While in a cardboard box, often has a plastic wrapper on the inside. Meat. Trays of plastic covered with a plastic film to seal. Even your toilet roll, cover in plastic. Plastic plastic plastic. When you next walk around a supermarket, ask yourself. Is there anywhere else I can purchase this item and reduce the number of plastic-covered purchases?

Using food storage options and refillable cleaning products can dramatically reduce environmental impact. Plastic bottles, cling film and other single use plastic can all be replaced with wax wraps, veg boxes and other plastic free items for your kitchen.

Get a plastic-free kitchen by shopping somewhere new

Your weekly shop might be in one of the more popular supermarket stores. You might find everything you need, but while the convenience of items being in one place may work for you, it works against your campaign for living an eco-friendly life.

Zero-waste stores are becoming more and more popular. Zero-waste stores are all about reducing your waste by providing you with the items you need and removing the additional packaging that accompanies it. You can take any jar or container you already own to a zero-waste store, grab the item you need - such as rice - and pay for just the rice. Once you’ve used all the rice, you go back again for more with the same container. Using a zero-waste store is a great way to remove the majority of plastic from your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to refill your pasta container, treat jar, or soap dispenser - there are options out there.

Over the last year, there’s been a dramatic increase in plastic waste from soap and hand sanitiser dispensers. In fact, over 10 million are estimated to be sitting in landfill right now. If there’s one easy place to start, it’s there. You don’t have to worry about finding a local zero waste hand sanitiser store either, Purdy & Figg is a great option for keeping quality and removing plastic packaging - all with the convenience of being delivered to your door.

If you’re looking to have a plastic-free kitchen, start with the items where you know you can get the same quality and convenience you already have. This helps to make your new habit a sustainable one - for you and the planet.

Why Purdy & Figg?

As far as sustainable and natural hand sanitisers go, Purdy & Figg sanitisers give you everything you need. Killing 99.99% of bacteria, with multiple incredible scents to choose from, and refillable travel size containers. They’re a great choice for anyone looking to have a plastic-free kitchen and remove more plastic from their everyday life.

As we begin to welcome people into our homes it’s important to have a suitable hand sanitiser in place, for your peace of mind and theirs. Rest assured Purdy & Figg will provide what you need, as well as what the planet needs.



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