How to spring clean your kitchen


At the very heart of the home is the kitchen. Whether it’s just a space for cooking, sitting down to eat or a quick drive-thru for a late-night snack. It’s one of the rooms we spend the most time in, which is why we need to pay the kitchen special attention when it comes to spring cleaning.


Especially as it can also be the dirtiest and most contaminated with bacteria from cooking. This isn’t a room you can easily neglect so be sure to follow our step by step guide for how to give it the essential deep spring clean.


Step one empty the cupboards (fridges and freezers too)


Your cupboards, fridges and freezers are potentially the most neglected area in your kitchen. They’re not a surface, they’re not regularly used to cook or clean with and they’re usually too full to clean. This is why when carrying out your spring clean, it’s the first step to take. Empty them completely. All the tins from the back, the utensils you never use, even the cleaning products under the sink. 


When you’ve emptied them, then you can truly clean them. Get scrubbing with a regular cloth and spray. If any products have leaked you may need to apply some elbow grease. In your fridge and freezer, you’ll want to be smart as to how you order things to make sure no food is spoiled so be mindful and empty them slowly.


Step two declutter


Before putting everything back in your cupboards, make sure you declutter. The last thing you want to do in a spring clean is not take the opportunity to remove any waste sitting in your home. Bin the food that’s gone out of date. Donate the food and utensils that you never or rarely use.


Use any bottles of cleaning liquids that have drops left during your spring clean and viola! Cupboards that are clean from dirt and clear from clutter.


Step three tackle the oven


Your oven can take some time, which is why it’s one of the first things we start to do. Oven cleaning spray is the first cleaner that we use but it can take a while to work its magic.


Spray the cleaner as the instructions say and wait until the recommended time is up. During this time, we suggest you carry on with the steps in this guide. It’s usually the right amount of time that means when you come back to your oven, it’s ready to wipe it down with a warm wet cloth.


When you’ve returned to your oven, you might need to polish it off with some other surface cleaners and pop half a lemon in the bottle to remove and oven cleaner smells.


Step four clean the surfaces


While your oven cleaner is getting to work, we suggest tackling the surfaces. Now the countertops are probably regularly cleaned in your household. So a quick run over them isn’t too difficult. But how often are you cleaning the cupboard fronts and any windowsills? These are the areas to focus on during a kitchen spring clean.


Step five tackle the sink


Sadly, millions of people fail to keep their sink drain clear. Mainly because so few of us realise the damage caused by pouring liquid fats down them. Nothing should go into your kitchen sink apart from water.


That being said, we know that it's not always possible and sometimes rogue food makes it in there. It’s why when spring cleaning the sink, you need to pay special attention to the drains. Pour some drain cleaner in there and scrub the sink with cleaner while you wait for it to work its magic. Rinse the whole lot with warm water and job done!


Final step: the floors


Now that you’ve cleaned everything in your kitchen, it’s time to wipe the floors and be done with it. Depending on what types of floor you have means what products you should use but nothing is better than natural hot soapy water. One quick scrub and they’ll be looking like new.


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