How to spring clean your house quickly


If there’s one thing your house needs at this time of year it’s a deep clean. The days are getting longer, the warmth is starting to creep through in the morning and everyone just needs to breathe in a fresh breath of air. 


But that isn’t so easy to do if your home still has the stale stench of winter lurking about. Today, we’re going to show you how to give your home the essential spring clean without taking up your entire weekend.


Our guide isn’t a quick fix guide with a quick spot clean. Planning for your spring clean is key. Ordering in the best cleaning products and creating a spring cleaning checklist will help ready you for the task ahead. 


The key to all spring cleans with out step by step guide


The biggest issue many people face when it comes to spring cleaning is that it takes up a lot of time. This often means that either sloppy work is being carried out, money is being spent on a professional cleaner or the job is simply not getting done. However, we believe the key to spring cleaning is efficiency.


Don’t focus room by room, focus on timing your jobs to a schedule so that you can make the most of the little time you have. Let’s start with one of the most problematic rooms of the home, the bathroom.


Quickly spring cleaning your bathroom


Any time you enter a room that needs to be spring cleaned, think to yourself about the number of jobs that need doing and how long they’re going to take. Then look at ones you leave momentarily and come back to. These are the steps we take in the bathroom:


  • -Pour the drain blocker liquids down the bathtub/shower tray drain and set a timer according to the instructions.
  • -Meanwhile, scrub the tub/shower tray with your cleaning supplies
  • -Pay close attention to any seals around the taps
  • -Rinse the bathtub and area down using the showerhead when your timer goes off for the drain blocker liquid to be flushed
  • -Finish off the area by cleaning any glass screens
  • -Don’t forget clean windows also make it clean inside
  • -Dry the entire area off using a cloth and you’re good to go


The effective use of time while waiting for the drainage blocker means more than one job got done in the sequence. If you’re a fast cleaner you can also take a look at the sink and toilet area during this time. The area to leave until last is the floor, however, we’d wait until you’re ready to clean all the floors in your home for maximum efficiency. 


Kick out the kitchen clutter with a deep clean


Now you’ve mastered the technique of efficiency. We want to introduce you to minimal living. The truth is that the fewer items you have in your home, the easier it is to clean and therefor less time you’ll spend cleaning it.


Before you even think about grabbing a cloth in your kitchen, it’s time to empty the cupboards. Absolutely everything. You’ll need to reagrdless to actually clean the cupboards, but by clearing out the clutter you’ll be able to save time only putting back what you need.


Go through your cupboards and sort them into piles. Weekly essentials for the items you buy on a regular basis. Occasion items for things such as baking ingredients. Finally, a pile for all other items.


The final pile is the one you’re going to remove a lot of items from. Ideally, you’ll have donated or binned all the food. Check labels to see if anything is out of date - if they are, bin them. Ask yourself when the last time you used this item was and if it’s more than 6 months ago - consider donating it to a good cause. If the item doesn’t fall into either of these categories, put it back at the front of your cupboard and get a recipe that uses it within the next week. That way, you’ll know it was worth keeping in your new spring cleaned cupboard.


By removing all the extra clutter in your cupboards as you clean them, you’ll save loads of time when it comes to putting everything back.


Quick spring clean tips for the rest of your home


That’s it, another top tip for cleaning your home! Regular cleaning and a cleaning routine or cleaning schedule always help you keep on top of it all. 


Remember, by cleaning efficiently and removing clutter you’ll save plenty of time. So combine the two when tackling the rest of your home. Remove the clutter, plan the order in which you’ll clean and polish the entire house off with a hoover and mop. Sit down, rest and watch the spring time roll in.


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