Dishwasher Cleaning Hacks


Cleaning hacks to keep your Dishwasher in great shape 


Your dishwasher is used to clean items, but rarely do you consider that it might need cleaning itself. We all know ‘washing machines live longer with Calgon’ but actually, what if they lived longer because we took the time to clean them in between their cycles?


We know, a light bulb moment. No more expensive cleaning items for your dishwasher, let’s take a look at some dishwasher cleaning hacks.

Clean using natural products

We’re big fans of avoiding overpriced cleaning products. There seems to be a new essential one being released every week and while we know some will do the job - we’d rather explore what’s already in our cupboards. If you’re a big fan of natural cleaning products, then you’re sure to have the right items to clean your dishwasher with.

White vinegar and baking soda, the ultimate natural cleaning combination. Pop two parts white vinegar and one part baking soda into a large container and pop it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run the cycle with nothing else inside.

If there’s a strong smell coming from your dishwasher, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the machine, then run it on a short and hot cycle. For an extra pleasant scent, pop some lemon peel in the cutlery basket.


A combination of the three methods is possible, but if you’re going to just sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom, you might want to make sure all food debris is removed first.


How to clean the dishwasher filter


If your dishwasher has a removable filter, this is one area you want to pay special attention to. Not only is it a hotspot for build-up, but it also has the potential to cause blockages and horrendous leaks. Not all dishwashers have filters that you can easily remove. Check with your manufacturer before you start pulling on bits and pieces.

If you discover that you can remove your filter, here’s how you should clean it. Remove it as gently as possible, if you’re finding it difficult to release it then don’t force it - it might break.


Once you have the filter, wash it under some hot soapy water. Let it soak if it’s been a little while. If there are any stubborn pieces of food stuck to it, use an old toothbrush to remove them. Then check the area where the filter sits and wipe the area clear of any food debris. Dry everything off and pop it back in.



How to clean the cutlery basket


Naturally, your cutlery basket will attract a lot of food in the dishwasher. After all, you use your cutlery to eat and then pop it straight into the basket - it’s a bit of an obvious tell. It gives all the more reason for you to take extra care when it comes to cleaning it.


Lift the basket out of the dishwasher, clean it in hot soapy water under the sink and pop it back. Like we mentioned earlier you can pop some lemon rind in it to keep it smelling great.


Pay special attention to the door seal


It may come as a surprise but the door seal on your dishwasher is something you should try and pay extra attention to. When food becomes caught up in the seal of your dishwasher it can break down and corrode the rubber. To keep it clean, wipe it down each week with some hot soapy water and a cloth.

There you have it! A bunch of tips and tricks on how to clean your dishwasher and what areas you should be paying special attention to. It can be quite a gruesome process so make sure you clean your hands afterwards. Purdy & Figg hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria, perfect for post-dishwasher-clean disinfection. Happy cleaning!