A clean home is a happy home


Is there anything more satisfying than sitting down in a clean home after a deep spring clean? We’re honestly struggling to think of something! In fact, research shows that 92% of people say that having a clean home makes them happy. So if your idea of a relaxing Sunday evening is snuggling up on the sofa in a pristine home, you’re not alone.


How happy do clean homes make people?


When we think about cleaning, for most, it’s seen as a chore. One of those annoying things that need to be done on a regular basis, the sort of thing that makes you feel like you’re well and truly past your young and spritely carefree days. Cleaning a home screams responsibility, but science shows that it’s far more than that.


When you look deeper into the effects of cleaning, it’s an incredible way to look after your mental health too. It can help to improve your mood and overall wellbeing. By removing clutter from your home and becoming more organised, you can regain a sense of control over your surroundings.


This leads to a higher level of confidence, increasing your levels of happiness and calmness. So while you sit there on a Sunday evening feeling all relaxed, it isn’t necessarily because you’ve been working hard to clean and that you’re tired. Your mind is resting and is at peace with its physical surroundings.


How often should you clean your home to be happy?


The biggest challenge is finding the time to keep a space clean. Sometimes you need to look at saving time with your house cleaning. A big deep clean at the weekend can take hours. So if you live a busy lifestyle this can seem near impossible to achieve. It’s why we believe that you should be cleaning small areas regularly. 


Try adding actions where you don’t even notice the extra effort. For example, after you’ve done the washing up, wipe down the sides afterwards. Alternatively, while the ads are showing during your evening TV show, why not quickly push the hoover around the living room? One of the most important things we recommend to keep things clean and tidy, is to tidy up the living space and bedroom at the end of each day.


Remember that it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, it’s more important to do what you can, when you can, instead of putting excessive pressure on yourself. Cleaning should help you feel better in the long run, not stressed because you can’t find the time to do it.


What rooms will make you feel the happiest?


A recent study by Opinium showed that people in Wales prefer cleaning their kitchen, while in London the most satisfaction comes from cleaning the bathroom. We feel that these are the two rooms in the home that need the most attention.


Grab a squeegee and wipe down your shower screen after you shower - this will help reduce the water marks and how often you need to get the class cleaner out. Pour bleach down the toilet and scrub it once a week. These are the two things in the bathroom that can really help reduce obvious dirt - keeping the illusion of a clean space.


Combine these two bathroom tips with our kitchen countertop wipe down and regular tidying and you have the perfect recipe for a clean home and happy mind.


Another room you should pay extra attention to is the bedroom. They’re often considered sanctuaries for the mind. Making your bed is the easiest thing to do in the morning and is essential in our books. This small act can have a big lift on your mood when it comes to getting into bed. That, added with a lavender pillow spray - the perfect relaxing end to any busy day.


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