A Chemical-Free
Cleaning Revolution

Two years ago, a horticulturist and an NHS nurse, Charlotte Figg and Purdy Rubin, acted on a shared passion: to reduce the number of toxic chemicals and single use plastic we use on our skin & around our homes.

Our Story
Written by Camilla Pelly

NEWS - Luxury eco cleaning brand Purdy & Figg has more than trebbled sales of its natural hand sanitising spray over the last four-week period since the Omicron variant was discovered. 

The brand’s online stores have seen an increase of +320% in sales and more than treble the amount of usual online visitors compared with September 2021. Purdy & Figg is available on Amazon.co.uk which, at its peak on 17th December 2021, received 46,614 searches for hand sanitiser, indicating that hand sanitiser is still considered a necessity by many consumers. 

This marked increase is likely down to the continued uncertainties around the Omicron variant, with daily cases reaching an all-time peak of 200,000 earlier this week as well as the desire to stay safe and protected following the return to school and work. 

In addition, seasonal flu - caught most commonly between December and March - and common colds are spreading more rapidly and severely this year due to lower immunity following months of lockdowns and limited social mixing, leading to an increase in hand sanitiser use to help prevent infection. 

Purdy and Figg is a family-run business that first launched its natural, refillable hand sanitising sprays in April 2020 as an alternative to mass-produced gels. Containing over 70% alcohol, the fast-drying spray kills 99.9% of bacteria and is blended with 100% pure essential oils for a beautiful scent. Ingredients including witch hazel and vegetable glycerin also help to keep skin nourished and protected. 

Charlie Rubin, Co-CEO of Purdy & Figg comments: “This is the time of year where our immune systems need all the help they can get. At Purdy & Figg, we exist to turn a mundane, everyday necessity (like hand sanitising) into a genuinely enjoyable experience, putting your health and the planet first.” 

Earlier in 2021, Purdy and Figg found 58% of people in the UK will not stop using hand sanitiser as it is now a part of daily life.  

Hand sanitiser works by killing bacteria due to the alcohol content (the government recommends a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective) and can help to protect you from:

  • Covid-19 
  • Seasonal Flu 
  • Coughs & Colds 
  • Viral infections 

Purdy & Figg Hand Santiser was voted no.1 hand sanitiser in the UK by ITV’s This Morning and can be purchased at: https://purdyandfigg.com/collections/hand-sanitiser-sprays 


About the statistics

  • 58% will not stop using hand sanitiser part of a consumer surveyed carried out to 2000 respondents by Opinum Research March 2021 
  • 300% increase in sales is down to purchases on https://purdyandfigg.com/, resellers and also via its Amazon store. 



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