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Purdy & Figg
Purdy & Figg Keeps Your Hands Naturally Soft

We use only the finest quality pharmaceutical grade alcohol in our hand sanitiser as well as 100% pure essential oils. So your hands always retain their natural moisture and softness.

Purdy & Figg Over 70% Alcohol

Alcohol is known to be able to kill most germs & bacteria. As per WHO guidelines our hand sanitiser contains over 70% alcohol so you know it is truly effective.

Purdy & Figg 100% Pure Essential Oils

Just the finest, sustainably sourced essential oils of sweet orange (cheerful and antiseptic), pink grapefruit (uplifting and antimicrobial), and Niaouli (antibacterial and antiviral). It smells bloomin' amazing!

Purdy & Figg No rinsing or drying

If you are using hand sanitiser you don't want sticky hands or to worry about carrying a towel around to wipe them down afterwards! Our no rinse formula means you can go everywhere confidently staying clean and moisturised

Purdy & Figg

Over 70%

Purdy & Figg

Kills 99.99%
of Bacteria

Purdy & Figg

Easy To
Apply Spray

Purdy & Figg


Purdy & Figg

100% Pure
Essential Oils

Purdy & Figg

Keeps Hands
Naturally Soft

How it Works

Purdy & Figg


Gently press down to pump into hands.

Purdy & Figg


Rub hands together making sure you sanitise both fronts and backs of hands, between your knuckles, wrists and fingernails.

Purdy & Figg


Give those hands a whiff and carry on with your day!

Purdy & Figg
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