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Why Purdy & Figg

Ultra-concentrated, naturally scented eco-friendly cleaning power that you dilute at home with tap water, designed to clean all the surfaces in your home. Beautiful stylish, refillable glass bottles that look great on your counter top.


Save £15 and Get A Free Bottle For Life

6300+ Reviews
Save £15

Variety Starter Kit

6300+ Reviews

£15 £30

VARIETY KIT: Multi Surface Cleaner

The variety kit includes our Glass Bottle For Life and a pack of three Eco-Concentrate Refills in our original three unique scents.

BATHROOM BLISS: Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Bliss non-slip Bottle for Life with three Lime & Lemongrass Eco-Concentrate Refills and a Microfibre Cloth.

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Designed to make your home sparkle

Ultra-concentrated, naturally scented eco-friendly cleaning, designed to clean all surfaces in your home


100% Effective On All Surfaces

Designed to clean all the surfaces in your home including Counters, Stone, Bath, Enamel, Glass, Mirrors, Wood and Floors.


Re-usable Glass Bottles

Eco-concentrates that you add tap water to mean you just need one re-useable glass bottle which you can use over and over again. No more plastic junk going into landfill.


Amazing Long Lasting Scents

Pure essential oils mean our scents smell natural and stick around to transform your home into a spa like bliss.


Non Toxic and Natural

100% natural ingredients and no toxins mean you can be sure you are putting your family first and not impacting you immunity or gut health.

We really are different

No chemicals, no plastic waste. Just plant-based cleaning power with natural pure essential oils.

Method + Ecover Flash
Naturally Scented
Plastic Free
Made in the UK

Extra Benefits

Money Back Gaurantee if it doesn’t tackle bathroom issues


Free Returns


30 Day Trial


Ships in 1 Day


Free Bottle For Life

Two women on a mission to transform cleaning

Two women on a mission to transform cleaning

Purdy Rubin & Charlotte Figg, an NHS nurse and Horticulturist. They wanted to make cleaning products that they felt good using; both for themselves and the environment. What started as a hobby quickly became a movement of 100,000 customers who are demanding more from their cleaning products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many uses will I get out of a bottle?

Each eco-concentrate dilutes to 300ml of Counter Clean. We recommend using one eco-concentrate per month. The Starter Kit is designed to last you 3 months.

Is this more expensive than a regular cleaner?

Counter Clean will cost you around 16p per day which is 3p more than a typical bottle of supermarket cleaner. However, we replace up to 16 different products under your sink so end up saving you money.

How can I be sure it works?

Our product has been independently tested and proven to be 100% effective at tackling grease, grim and dirt. What’s more,. 93% of our 100k customers would recommend us for our cleaning power.

Is it safe around pets?

Our products are safe to use around dogs and other pets, however, it’s best not to use them to clean beds or food bowls without rinsing afterwards. If you are worried about allergies, do contact your vet.

Is it Cruelty Free?

Yes, Counter Clean has never been tested on animals. We also only work with suppliers who also avoid testing on animals too!

Is it safe to use on all my surfaces?

Counter Clean can be used on all surfaces, including softer surfaces like aluminium, wood, stone or any other porous surfaces.