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Clean every surface in your home with our ultra-concentrated, naturally-scented, eco-friendly cleaning products.

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  • Get a 3-month supply of Counter Clean and Bathroom Bliss; plus a free 1-year supply of Oh! De Loo Deodoriser, 2 free glass bottles for life, and 2 free premium microfibre cloths.

Why Purdy & Figg?

Purdy & Figg makes ultra-concentrated, naturally scented eco-friendly cleaning power that you dilute at home with tap water. Designed to clean all the surfaces in your home this magical cleaner transforms cleaning from a chore to a joy saving you time, money and space at home.

“Stripping back the jargon associated with cleaning products, family-run business Purdy & Figg has designed a cleaning system that will be effective and yet has a beautiful essential oil-based aroma, cuts back single-use plastic and supports your immune system."


“They smell nothing like a traditional cleaner, they’re quite luxurious aromatherapy style scents. I was surprised how efficient it was at cleaning my kitchen with just a couple of sprays and the counters smell like I’ve had an expensive candle burning in there afterwards”


“This is so brilliant — it’s a superconcentrated, eco-friendly, delicious-smelling cleaner that you can use on everything, from worktops to marble to wooden floors to baths to glass”


Benefits of Switching


Transform Your Home

100% Pure Essential Oils at high concentration are hand blended to give a long lasting and divine smell.


Saves Money and Space

A one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs. Replace up to 15 cleaning products with this dynamic cleaning duo.


Supports Health

Plant-based, paraben-free, GMO-free and no synthetic fragrance supports gut health and immunity.


It Makes Going Eco Easy

Plastic free bottles, concentrate refills and low carbon deliveries make us the most sustainble option.

A Scent That Transforms Your Whole Home

The Best Essential Oils

The Best Essential Oils

Create the most fantastic smelling home with Counter Clean. Watch how the pure essential oils stay and hug you and don’t be surprised when your guests notice. Find the scent you love with the variety kit and switch anytime.

Hand Blended

Hand Blended

Our signature scents are hand blended here in the UK with the utmost attention to detail. Our founders have 30 years blending experience so you will always get the same incredible smell.

You don't need a million cleaning products you need one that works


Effective Cleaning Power

Revolutionise your cleaning game: tackle any surface with Counter Clean and beat limescale with Bathroom Bliss!


Re-usable Glass Bottles

With glass Bottles for Life and glass refills you can stop plastic junk going into landfill and our oceans.


Long Lasting Scents

Pure essential oils mean our scents smell natural and stick around to transform your home into a spa like bliss.


Non Toxic & Natural

Plant based, Non GMO, Paraben Free and no synthetic fragrances mean you can be sure you are putting your family first.

Over 6300 5-Star Reviews

4.9/5.0 (6,363 reviews)

"I've been addicted to Counter Clean for a while now so I wasn't even going to bother trying Bathroom Bliss, but I'm SO glad I did. Just wow - my bathroom has never looked better. And I just LOVE the lime and lemongrass scent too."

Josie L |

"Love the choice of scents for Counter Clean and how you can use it on all surfaces around the home. Also loving the new Bathroom Bliss - it really really works! I switched to Purdy & Figg due to being asthmatic and wanting to avoid toxic chemicals. Now, I can clean without persistent coughing! Makes me want to clean"

Toulla T |

"Now we've found Purdy and Figg we can't imagine using ANYTHING else. Like others have said - all the scents smell divine and we've found ourselves literally smiling as we wipe down the surfaces and even looking for more. Like who does that?! And who knew a cleaning product could bring so much joy!"

Nic D |

How we compare

Method + Ecover Flash
Naturally Scented
Plant Based
Made in the UK

Other benefits


30 Day Money Back Guarantee 🔒


Convenient refills delivered


Ships in 1 Day


2 x Free Bottle For Life

Frequently Asked Questions

How many uses will I get out of a bottle?

Each eco-concentrate dilutes to 300ml of Counter Clean. We recommend using one eco-concentrate per month. The Starter Kit is designed to last you 90 days.

Is this more expensive than a regular cleaner?

Counter Clean costs 16p per day which is 3p more than a typical bottle of supermarket cleaner. However, we replace up to 15 different products under your sink so end up saving you money.

How can I be sure it works?

Our product has been independently tested and proven to be 100% effective at tackling grease, grim and dirt. 93% of our customers would recommend us for our cleaning power.

Is it safe around pets?

Our founders are pet fantatics and our products have been designed to be safe for use around dogs and other pets. We don't recommend cleaning pet beds or food bowls without rinsing afterwards. If you are worried about allergies, do contact your vet.

Is it Cruelty Free?

Yes, Counter Clean has never been tested on animals. We also only work with suppliers who also avoid testing on animals too!

Is it safe to use on all my surfaces?

Counter Clean has been designed to be used on all surfaces, including softer surfaces like aluminium, wood, stone or any other porous surfaces.





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