Pocket-sized hand sanitiser spray

Stay protected on the go with our 20ml Hand Sanitiser Spray. They may be small bottles of hand sanitiser but they pack a punch. Fits in your pocket and easily topped up with one of our refill bottles.  

Easy ordering for lovely products. Perfect sanitiser size to slip in bag or a pocket. And they smell divine. Highly recommend!

Alison McLeod, Feb 2021

Delicious smelling & pocket-sized. These high alcohol content sanitisers make me feel far more secure on my shopping trips.

Isobel, Jan 2021

Great hand sanitisers. Leave hands really soft and should last a while. Handy size for handbag or pocket and arrive in a lovely box.

Ann Moore, Dec 2020

Purdy & Figg offer quality and natural hand sanitisers with our 20ml bottle the perfect size to fit in a pocket. We also offer refillable 15ml sprayers which are perfect to fit into small handbags.

All of our sanitisers have over 70% alcohol, plus we only bottle our spray with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol.

When you’re out and about you sometimes need hand sanitiser to offer you protection. Our small pocket sized Mini’s are perfect to keep on you when you are out of your home. They are clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and our handy little 20ml bottles can slip into your pocket.

They’re also sized to fit into bags. If you have a small handbag, we also offer a 15ml refillable sprayer. If you’re looking for small sanitiser and a refill option, please take a look at the gift and bundles section to buy pocket sized refill bottles.